Today over at The Humbled Homemaker, I’m sharing about the time I spent just $170 on groceries, for the whole month! Plus, I’m sharing a 1-week sample meal plan and tips so you can do it too.

I wan’ some B-nana.” my 2-year-old’s sweet voice rang out, throwing in, “Pleeease Mama.


He must have sensed I was about to say no.


He tried again.


I wan’ some apple, Mama.


I shook my head apologetically.


Finally, “I wan’ some peenubudder.” He was smiling and nodding enthusiastically now, sure he’d win me over, but the answer was no to that one too.


A year ago, my family was in a much different place financially, and there was one month in particular when I found myself having to say no to my 2-year old a little too often.

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