hese are a few of the many things I loved about having a home birth.

  1. Don’t worry about when to go to the hospital or birth center. No need to pack a bag.
  2. Don’t have to ride in a car while experiencing contractions.
  3. Midwife watches over only your labor and birth. You don’t share a care provider with several other women at the same time. You’re not monitored remotely.
  4. Midwife observes throughout your labor, birth, and recovery. There are no shift changes and she doesn’t just run in at the last minute to catch. (Unless your labor is really fast. Then Daddy better get ready!)
    22 Benefits of Homebirth - These are a few of the many things I loved about having a home birth.
  5. Unwanted medical interventions are simply not available. Risk of surgical birth is much lower.
  6. Wear your own clothes. Or wear nothing at all. It’s your house.
  7. Open the widows and breathe fresh air.
  8. Relax in a private, familiar environment. Relaxation can speed labor.
  9. Labor in any position you find comfortable. Move from the bed to birth tub to the closet and then take a walk around the block if you want.
  10. Vocalize without inhibition.
  11. Eat and drink as much and whatever you want during labor.
  12. Rest in a dim, quiet atmosphere with only people you choose present.
  13. Have a water birth, along with its many benefits, not just a water labor.
  14. Mom and Baby are not exposed to serious infections and germs.
  15. Since we only use homemade green cleaning products, baby was not exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals.
  16. No unwanted formula samples and advertisements.
  17. No one will separate mom and baby.
  18. No one will mind if you co-sleep with your baby, and there’s room in bed for Dad too.
  19. Eat your own familiar and healthy food. No need to worry about food sensitivities or special diets.
  20. No one wakes you up to check vitals.
  21. Midwife comes to your house for mother and baby checkup. You don’t have to get dressed or manage to get a two day old out of the house while healing from birth.
  22. Affordable care & still covered by insurance.

What was your favorite part of your birth location?

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