27 weeks pregnant at my sister’s baby shower.

The weeks are absolutely flying! I’ve been working hard to get items from my Baby #2 Checklist crossed off, but it seems like such slow going. I was so shocked when my midwife mentioned that I’m in the third trimester and that I’ll now start going to prenatal appointments every two weeks.

The Braxton Hicks really set in early this time around. I think around 23 weeks. I noticed last pregnancy that dehydration and exhaustion really made them worse, so it’s really no wonder I have so many this time!

28 Week Prenatal Appointment

I went to my 28 week prenatal appointment with our midwife last week. I brought my parents along to help watch BabyE, since I knew I would have to have a blood draw.

Vitamin D and Pregnancy

While I declined the one-hour glucose screening this time, I still got my blood tested for iron and vitamin D levels.


I was super disappointed, and a little shocked, to find out that my vitamin D levels had actually gone down since they were last tested in January. I thought for sure with the 8000 iu supplement and the extra sunshine we’ve been having that they would have gone up.

My midwife was pretty concerned as vitamin D is important for lots of body processes including calcium absorption and healthy bone development. Healthy levels can also help prevent a range of serious diseases including preeclampsia in mom and autism in baby.

I’m now trying a different brand of supplement, making sure to take my fermented cod liver oil every day, and trying to get out in the sun as much as possible.

Blood Glucose Screening & Gestational Diabetes

Instead of doing the one-hour glucose tolerance test this time, I opted to test my own blood sugar at home. I really could not justify exposing my baby to the artificially-neon-orange-colored corn-sugar water! I have not been eating any sweets this entire pregnancy, and a medical procedure didn’t seem like a good reason to start.

I love that my midwife offers the option of doing the finger prick test four times per day for three days to check for gestational diabetes. I have been eating healthier this pregnancy as we’ve made so many positive changes since BabyE was born. I was hoping to have absolutely no problem passing the test.

Unfortunately, I did have a couple of high numbers after eating a) a white flour hamburger bun, even with a fairly low carb meal and b) a pretty high carb meal with 100 g of carbs.

I love how the midwifery model of care puts the ultimate responsibility for health in the patient’s hands. My midwife said she would be much more concerned if my morning fasting levels were also high. Since they weren’t, she simply asked me to try and tweak my diet and find something that worked to keep my blood sugar in check.

As long as I stick to a pretty low carb diet with few grains or fruits, and no sugar or white flour, my numbers are looking good. I wasn’t clear on whether she would consider me to have gestational diabetes or not, so I’ll have to update this after my next appointment. I can’t help but wonder, what if I ate the Standard American Diet? I imagine I’d be having much bigger problems!

Preparing for Birth: Emotions

Oh boy! Emotions are one of those crazy uncontrollable variables that are so important to have in check when preparing for a natural birth. I’ve known for months now that there are things that I needed to address. Now that I’m in the third trimester, I can’t wait any longer.

It has been really hard for me to switch midwives this pregnancy since we moved out of the area. My first midwife is so absolutely wonderful in every way, and of course I feel a very strong bond to her since she was there for my first baby’s birth.

It is taking me a long time to get comfortable with my new midwives especially because there are two of them. It is difficult for me not knowing which one of them will be on call when I go into labor, so I can’t visualize which smiling face is going to show up on the day of my birth.

To make matters worse, through the coincidences of life circumstances and scheduling, I just had my first prenatal appointment with one of them at 28 weeks. In fact, I didn’t even know she was still working full time at the practice! I don’t have much time left to get to know her.

Then there’s the issue of this being my second birth. Everything was so perfect last time, I worry that it couldn’t possibly go as well a second time. And even with an almost perfect birth experience with Baby #1, there are still some things that I hope can go better this time to stay healthier and heal faster. I think it’s too much to cover here as this post is already getting entirely too long. For now I’ll just say that I am trying to prepare the best I can to have a positive experience.

I think we technically were out of time, but my midwife spent lots of extra time going through some of my questions and concerns. Of course, I thought of more as soon as I left the appointment, so it’s a good thing that I get to go back next week already.

Oh ya, and I’m completely terrified I won’t be able to take care of TWO kids! I just keep hoping this baby will be nice and late like his big brother, but that will only work for so long.

Big Brother

E loves to kiss and hug the baby (my belly). It is so sweet, but that is a whole lot different than having a real newborn to share mommy with full time.

This week we checked out a whole stack of books from the library all about having a new baby in the family and becoming a big brother. Hopefully, this will help E get used to the concept. However, I had to quit reading half of them because they just make me sob. Yea for pregnancy hormones!

We also had the awesome blessing of the arrival of my little niece this week. We were all so thrilled to meet her, most of all BabyE. He has been talking about Tia and her baby ever since we left the hospital.

What’s your favorite Vitamin D supplement? When did you start getting Braxton Hicks? What were your biggest fears about birth?

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