In honor of Mother’s Day this week, I wanted to share a birth story. And you know, I needed my birth story fix. Since I’m fresh out of my own stories since BabyA’s home birth in August, I invited Sherry of This House of Joy to share her exciting natural hospital birth story of her second child. The exciting natural hospital birth story of a second baby. This mama was determined to go 100% natural, without pitocin or an epidural.

A Natural Hospital Birth Story

Every time I think of my daughters’ birth day, I laugh.

My first child’s birth was basically the opposite of my birth plan. Luckily, it didn’t involve a c-section. It DID involve IV antibiotics, pitocin and an epidural, all of which I NEVER wanted to have again. I was determined to have a 100% natural birth with my daughter…

…and I am pretty stubborn when I want something.

I couldn’t afford a birth center/midwife birth, so I hired a fabulous doula to cheer me on and be my advocate in the hospital. She met with my husband and I twice before our due date to prep me for a natural birth and teach me how to manage the contractions with various positions.

Unfortunately, I had GBS, so I was told I would have to do IV antibiotics again once I got to the hospital…and that meant I would not be able to move or walk around much.

My plan was to labor at home as long as possible and pray that my water didn’t break before that. We agreed that I’d wait until the contractions were 4 to 5 minutes apart and head to the hospital.

I was awakened with contractions at 3 am ON my due date. How’s that for perfect timing?!

We called our doula to let her know labor had started. Contractions were totally manageable, so I rested in bed until breakfast. After breakfast, we went for a walk to *hopefully* speed things along.

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Unfortunately, my contractions seemed to slow down after the walk. Ugh. Soon after, my parents arrived and began setting up my son’s new train table. I enjoyed watching the excitement between my contractions, which were still all over the place…

They ranged from every 10 to 5 to 8 to 3 minutes with no rhyme or reason.

At around 10:30, I was standing in the kitchen and felt a strong contraction coming on. Heat swept over me, I became light-headed, and felt my daughter move down into the birth canal. Uh oh. She was LITERALLY ready to come out.

In a panic, I gasped, “We have to go…NOW!”

I don’t know how I got in the car or made it the whole way. With every contraction, I was desperately trying to hold her in. At one point, my husband almost pulled over because he thought he was going to have to deliver her himself…at the dairy.

After dealing with a crazed pregnant woman for the entire 15 minute drive, my husband pulled up to labor and delivery. A nurse was sitting outside for her break and he ran up to tell her I needed to be admitted ASAP.

She came over and asked if I could walk or if I needed a wheel chair. I remember saying, “I don’t know! It depends if I’m having a contraction or not!”

She got me a wheel chair and rolled me in while my husband went to park the car. Once we got in the room, she calmly handed me a hospital gown and asked me to get dressed while she looked over my birth plan. We’d fill out the paperwork as soon as I was dressed. I remember just looking at the gown and looking at her wondering how on earth I was going to put it on.

Between contractions, I got the gown on and then screamed, “Help!” That was it, she was coming out.

The nurse dropped everything. Chaos ensued as nurses were scrambling to get the room ready.

My husband ran in from the parking structure as frantic nurses pointed to the room I was in.

The exciting natural hospital birth story of a second baby. This mama was determined to go 100% natural, without pitocin or an epidural.

He made it in the nick of time…a nurse was just delivering our baby girl twelve minutes after we arrived at the hospital.

Our doctor and doula missed the whole thing! I joked with my doula that she prepared me too well! If you are pregnant and want a natural birth, I highly recommend hiring a doula!!

Having a natural birth was everything I’d hoped it would be. I felt like a million bucks afterwards and was able to get dressed in my own clothes and walk to the recovery room.

Recovery was so much easier after a natural birth. Instead of being numb from the epidural with a sleepy baby, I could feel my uterus shrinking back down and my daughter was nursing like a pro.

One of the best parts was that since things happened so quickly, they didn’t even have time to administer the IV antibiotics! I definitely wouldn’t have planned our daughter’s delivery to go as it did, but it all worked out in the end and I got exactly what I wanted…a natural birth! And a fun story to tell my daughter later.

The exciting natural hospital birth story of a second baby. This mama was determined to go 100% natural, without pitocin or an epidural. Sherry and her husband live in California with their two precious children. In two years, she went from surviving to thriving with Lyme disease, so she is passionate about teaching people how to overcome health challenges naturally. In addition to her fast natural hospital birth story, she writes about allergy-free cooking, holistic health, and life at This House of Joy.

The exciting natural hospital birth story of a second baby. This mama was determined to go 100% natural, without pitocin or an epidural.
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