With the birth of my second child in August and the launch of my Natural Birth Stories book in October, this has been a very birthy year. In case you missed it, here are the top ten pregnancy and birth posts from GrowingSlower of 2013. You can check out all of the GrowingSlower pregnancy and birth posts in the archives.

And if you want even more great pregnancy and birth tips, here are the top posts from the wonderful ladies of the Alternative Living Network for 2013.

Stop by the comments and tell us your best pregnancy or birth tip!


Red Raspberry Leaf Tea for Pregnancy & Post Partum
Blend it Yourself Pregnancy Tea
Surviving the First Trimester-Naturally
Sleep, Stress, and Stretch Marks: Tools to Survive Late Pregnancy
Pregnancy & the Beauty of Grace
Blessingway ideas: Bridging the Cultural Gap
How To: Make a Ring Sling



Care Providers & Birth Locations

47 Questions I Should Have Asked My Midwife
Birth Center vs. Hospital Birth
Showing Love to Mainstream Birth Professionals
Call the Midwives

Childbirth Education

Birth Plan

Thoughts on Circumcision: AKA Why I’m Glad I’m Having a Girl
Newborn Procedures: Hepatitis B
90 Seconds That Could Change Your Baby’s Life

More on Birth

6 Surprising Stats that will Change the Way You Give Birth
Preparing the Body for Natural Birth
Happy Birthday, Sweet One: Birth Story #1


Hello Baby, Goodbye Hair?


Touch Me, Touch Me Not – Labor and Touch
Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding?
Changes in Breast Milk During Pregnancy: Production & Composition
5 Signs That Your Care Provider Does Not Support Breastfeeding

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