A note from Shannon: I received a Boba Carrier 3G and a Boba Carrier 4G to review for this post. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

I love babywearing! I LOVE IT! Feeling the weight of my baby warm against my chest. Safe, secure, and often sleepy. There just isn’t anything better.

Someone recently noted when seeing me carrying BabyA in the Boba, It’s like you’re still pregnant, baby’s just on the outside and a little higher up. That is the perfect description. And just what it should be. It is a great way to make a peaceful transition between gestation and infancy.
I love babywearing for all of that snuggly goodness. But since becoming a mom of two, it has pretty much become necessary for survival! It allows me to play simultaneously cuddle my new baby while I kick the soccer ball to my 2 year old, help him go potty, check the nest box for eggs, cook dinner, pick apples, do dishes, and on and on.
Boba Carrier 4G Review and Giveaway
Checking the nest box for eggs in the Boba Carrier 4G at 4 months old.
Boba Carrier 4G Review and Giveaway
Apple picking with the Boba 3G at 8 weeks old.

I had used a couple of other baby carriers in the past with both E and A and was happy with them. However, once my Boba Carrier 3G arrived in the mail in October, I used it every single day, usually for several hours each day. Now that I have a Boba, I thought, I can’t live without it!

That was until…

Boba Carrier 4G Review and Giveaway
Staying warm with Mama in the Boba 4G at 4 months old.

…the nice people at Boba offered to let me review the brand new Boba Carrier 4G.


There are lots of things I like about the Boba Carrier 4G, but first I have to answer the question I get almost every time I use the Boba out in the world: oh, is that like the Ergo? 

I used the Ergo with E from 4 months until he was 20 months (and I was 4 months pregnant). So I’ll answer their query in case you’re asking the same question right now.

The main difference to me and the reason I was most interested in trying out the Boba was that I could use it with my tiny infant without requiring me to buy any additional accessories or inserts.

With the 3G, the bottom just folds up and snaps in place, making it the right size for babies as small as 7 pounds. I love the simplicity of this, but the snaps were always coming unsnapped whenever I would shift baby or adjust my shirt. She was never in any danger because of it, but it was kind of annoying.

The other drawback to the original system was that it made the whole carrier shorter to accommodate a smaller baby, bringing the hip strap up along with it. Instead of the weight being distributed to your hips, it was mostly hanging on your shoulders. That wasn’t so bad for a 10 pounder, but now that she’s nearing 15 pounds, I don’t think I would have been able to use it for long periods of time very comfortably.

Boba has made a huge improvement with the new infant carrying system for the 4G. There is now a soft little pillow that snaps into the bottom of the carrier that baby can sit on. And I’ve never had it come unsnapped. There is one setting for newborns 7-10 pounds and another for infants 10-15 pounds. After 15 pounds, you can remove the insert. (Check out the video below to see how it works.)

With the new system, the hip strap stays on your hips and baby is raised up to a safe babywearing level by the pillow. The weight remains comfortably distributed to your hips.

Another difference between the Boba and the Ergo is the extra-tall rise of the body of the carrier. It is also wider around. In my experience this is what makes it feel super safe even for little babies. It hugs them all the way around, so there is no way they can slip out the sides. The extra height helps support your newborn’s head before they can support it themselves.

You can check out my diagram below for the rest of the features we enjoyed on the Boba Carrier 4G.

Boba Carrier 4G Review Features Diagram
Our favorite features of the Boba Carrier 4G

Boba has lots of videos on their website to help you learn to use their carriers for every age and stage. Great if you hate reading instructions like I do! Here’s the one that explains how to carry your newborn or infant with the included infant insert.

A word of advice. I chose to review the “dusk” color for the 3G. I thought the gray color would be trendy and modern, and a little bit different than just plain black. And I love it for all those reasons. When I reviewed the 4G, I thought I should try something different so I went with “Montenegro,” also known as black. Now I wish I would have stuck with the gray as every bit of lint and spit up shows up plainly on the black. So just keep that in mind when selecting your color.

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