I couldn’t find a summer weight organic sleep sack in BabyE’s size, so I decided to make one instead. It turned out to be a really quick and easy project. If you’d like to make a baby sleep sack too, here’s a tutorial about how I did it…

To make a size 18-36 months baby sleep sack, I used one yard of each color of fabric, green for the outside layer and blue for the inside layer. I also used two packages of Extra Wide Double Fold Bias Tape (1/2 inch wide, 3 yards per package) and a 22 inch separating zipper (the kind used for jackets). 

(Did you know one quarter of the world’s pesticides are used on conventional cotton? In addition, most non-organic children’s sleepwear is treated with fire retardantsYuck! 

DIY Summer Sleep Sack for Baby

DIY Summer Sleep Sack for Baby Tutorial

I used two layers of knit for the sack. Be sure to pre-shrink your fabric as knit fabrics can shrink quite a bit. I’ll reference the outside layer as “green” and the inside layer as “blue” which will match up with my photos and the colors I used.

DIY Summer Sleep Sack for Baby Tutorial Steps 1 & 2

1 To create the pattern, I traced another sleep sack that fit baby well onto a big sheet of paper.  I added 1/2 inch seam allowance around the body and at the shoulders. A seam allowance is not necessary at the arm holes, neck, and up the middle.  In my case, I added a couple inches on the sides and several inches at the bottom for my growing little one. You can use the same pattern for the back as the front; just fold it in half and cut two pieces for the front. Then you’ll need to cut a V-neck in the front. The pieces for the inside and outside are identical.

Then I cut out the fabric. If you have a print on your fabric, make sure you end up with one piece for the left and one for the right. If you don’t have a print (like mine), then they will be interchangeable. You should have one back piece and a left and right for each color. 

 I started by pinning the pieces together for the blue and green independently, both with right sides together. It’s as if you have two separate sacks at this point. I sewed all the way around the body for each. Then I sewed across the shoulders, skipping the arm holes and neck  opening. 

DIY Summer Sleep Sack for Baby Tutorial Step 3

3 Next I turned the green layer right side out, and fit the blue layer inside. I matched up and pinned the neckline, arm holes, and along the front where the zipper will go. I zig-zag stitched along the edges (left side of photo). Then I came back in and added the bias tape with a straight stitch (right side of photo). 

DIY Summer Sleep Sack for Baby Tutorial

4 Finally, I sewed on the zipper so that the zipper pull is at the bottom of the sack when closed and it separates at the top when open.  If the zipper gets worn out , it will be easy to replace later without having to tear apart the whole sack.  I then turned the sack inside out and sewed closed the remaining length at the bottom of the sack. Voila! 

DIY Baby Sleep Sack on wiggly baby
Who wants to sleep? It’s time to play!

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