It’s impossible to even describe how much I treasure this letter from my dear friend Jen of Every Breath I Take. I’m so happy to be able to share it with you, and I hope that it will bring you all the same encouragement that it has given me as a new mom of two babies. 


Dearest Shannon,

Congratulations sweet mama! On behalf of the Growing Slower fan club, I’d like to welcome your sweet babe. We are so happy to see your family growing.
I learned that you were expecting this second babe when my own second was just a few months old. It was so easy to feel a rush of joy and excitement for you. I absolutely love being a mama to two, and I know your heart will rejoice as well.
You can do hard things
I would love to share some encouragement with you, as you embark on this new phase of your mothering journey. There are so many wonderful moments ahead that will be forever etched in your memory. Their first meeting. Their first snuggles. The way they will look at each other. Soon they will be playing and laughing – together. It is sometimes more joy than my mama heart can contain.
But, it won’t all be easy joy. There will also be hard. There will be tears, hurting hearts, misunderstandings and overwhelm. It will be essential for you to remember that hard is not bad. Hard doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. Hard doesn’t need to signal alarm. Hard is normal. This truth will grant you peace in the midst of the hard.
When the hard comes, take a deep breath. Call it what it is, but also state your resolve, “This is hard…but I can do hard things!” You can, mama – I believe in you!
The next few months are sure to be an emotional roller coaster – a thrill ride you will never forget. It is so important that you allow yourself – and BabyE – to experience that wide array of emotions. It is only when we allow ourselves to really feel sadness or fear, that we are able to resolve our hurts and worries.
The early days of mothering two, particularly when you are tandem nursing, may leave you physically drained and “touched out.” This is normal, but it is often surprisingly easy to regroup and restore – a warm shower, a tall glass of water with a healthy snack, a walk outside, or a few minutes of surrendering to rest (what we yoga teachers call “Savasana”). When the exhaustion sets in, don’t panic or “catastrophize.” Just coordinate with your husband or family to give you a short break to take care of yourself.
Finally, know where you can go for support. Your own God-given intuition is the best and most trust-worthy advisor on your mothering journey. You don’t need people to tell you what to do. You need people to help you quiet the noise of this world, so you can hear that intuition, that inner knowing.
I’m so excited for you, sweet mama! The easy joy and the hard, all bundled together, it is how we grow our families.
With Love,

Jennifer Hoffman is not your average yogi. A public accountant turned certified yoga instructor, Jen now balances an active practice with her busy life as a yoga teacher, blogger, mother, and wife. The key to this balance is simple: Jen lives life with intention. She teaches virtual yoga classes at, she encourages her readers to live with intention, writing with a heart for whole and healthy lives on parenting, faith, relationships, and, of course,yoga. She is also the host of the Healthy Moving Podcast. She relies on her husband Derek to keep their two lovely children – and two furry Labradors – off camera through Namaste.