As a child, I remember waking up every morning and coming in the living room to find my mom working out. She was one of those moms. You know the ones that get up before their kids to get some much needed personal and productive time. (If my kids slept past 5:30 am, I might be one of those moms too.)

In the 80s and 90s it was aerobics with the spandex bedecked Bernie on PBS. Then the Nordic Track. Now a treadmill. She knew that it didn’t really matter what kind of work out you do, as long as you do something on a regular basis. She consistently modeled the importance of fitness for my sister and I, and now it’s my turn to do the same for my kids.

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If you’re a mom of little ones, it can be tough to escape to a gym on a regular basis let alone afford the membership. Here are 3 frugal at-home workouts that are perfect for busy moms. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions and experiences are genuinely my own. 

Fit2B Studio

After 7 days of agony, I made a visit to the chiropractor and walked out totally pain-free…
…for about 3 minutes…
until I went back to my real life as a mom. It was then that I realized it was high time for me to get back onto a path of fitness after having BabyA two-months before. I signed up for Fit2B and after doing the work outs for just a few days, my back was feeling 100 percent better.

Fit2B studio is an online library of workout videos created by Bethany Learn. Fit2B has a focus on core strengthening and getting rid of that permanent “pregnant pooch” by healing the separation in the abs called a diastasis that 98% of moms have. The approach helps you flatten your tummy without doing any crunches.

I love the “Align it Flat” intro video, and I’ve been watching it over and over. Wow! It really made me see how not-nice I was being to my body in my everyday life. I’ve been completely re-learning how to move: everything from standing, sitting, getting down on the floor to play with my kids, and getting them in and out of their car seats.

Beth also has a workout path specifically for pregnant mamas. A very active Facebook community and group challenges to keep you motivated.

One of my favorite parts of Fit2B is that it fits so well into family life with small kids. Many of the workouts are separated into short segments. I can usually manage to get through one 10-15 minute video before the kids need something. Then I can come back later and do another one, or I can do several in a row if I’m working out while they’re asleep.

If I do have the kids, I love the Fit2B Kids section of the website. There are routines for all ages from working out with your baby, toddlers and preschoolers, on up through exercise geared for tweens and teens. A lot of families use Fit2B as physical education for their home school.

E and I had a blast doing the ABC Exercises and Animal Acrobats. We were both laughing so hard and didn’t even realize we were getting quite the work out. (It had been a long time since mama did a cartwheel!) Right now you can try the ABC Exercises and Bitty Bellies for free.

You can try the 5×5 Fitness Challenge by Fit2B Studio. Regular price $10  Included in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle now through September 15 only.
GrowingSlower readers can get their first 3 months for just $20. Or 12 months for $89.99. Go to Fit2B Studio and use coupon code growingslower to get the discount.


What the heck is T-Tapp? Thankfully, there is no tap dancing involved. It’s named for the creator and instructor Teressa Tapp. She claims that you can lose 2 sizes in 8 weeks by doing her workout 15-minutes every other day.

Sounds pretty good. Maybe a little too good. I’m in the midst of finding out for myself if it works. I’m around 4 weeks into it, and I already have lost a couple of inches. Happy mama! If I’m feeling brave, I might post my final results next month. If not, you can email me and ask me.

What I like about T-tapp is, well, that it’s 15 minutes. There’s no bouncing around, so I don’t even bother changing clothes most of the time. I just turn on the DVD anytime I sense a window where both kids will be happy for a moment. It’s also nice that this workout doesn’t require me to get down on the floor or to bounce around the living room avoiding children or getting crawled on.

Stay at Home Yoga

Stay at Home Yoga was founded by my good friend and experienced yoga instructor Jennifer Hoffman. I love Jen’s mission to help you workout and find stress relief no matter how busy you are.

She’s created short 3-pose sessions and even shorter 2-minute yoga breaks, so you’ll always have time to fit in a mini-workout between diaper changes, dishes, laundry, and everything that comes along with motherhood.

All of the workouts are kid-friendly. My 2-year-old loves these and spontaneously pulls out my yoga mat and busts out downward dog and legs-up-the-wall-throughout the day. So proud! Jen will be launching a Yoga for Kids segment of her site in a few weeks. She also has lots of full-length workouts for mom for once the kids are in bed.

All of Jen’s videos have modifications for the pregnant mamas among us, and some were even filmed when she herself was pregnant with her second baby. You can also get support and ask questions on Jen’s weekly chats and on the private Facebook group.

Get a Free 4-month membership to Stay at Home Yoga with your Ultimate Bundle. Only through September 15. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Stay at Home Yoga and try it out for yourself.

How do you fit fitness into your busy schedule? 

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