You start out the season with a heart overflowing with generosity and excitement over the coming holidays. You might be one of those sweeties who just loves to put gifts under the tree for almost everyone you know, from the neighbors to your child’s teacher, each of your girl friends, and especially your own kids.

But somewhere along the way something shifts. Before December 25 ever rolls around, you start dreading Christmas because you realize that your budget is too small and your schedule is too tight. (I even had one friend confide that she physically cringed when she started seeing Christmas countdowns going around Facebook.)

For many of us moms, holiday gift giving has become a mere obligation, leaving us feeling more like Scrooge than jolly old St. Nick.

Here’s the problem: our generosity is at odds with the reality of our budget. Either we give less than we wish, or we go over our budget (and even worse, in debt). We end up feeling guilty and stressed out during the hap-happiest season of all. So, what do we do?


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