Breath of heaven, hold me together, I sang quietly to the top of that fuzzy baby head. Please just stay asleep little one, and don’t scream. Please. When I arrived at the community center door, there was a sign directing me to the La Leche League meeting room with big capital letters reading COME AS YOU ARE.  I breathed a sigh of relief and felt my shoulders relax beneath my baby laden Moby wrap. Those were oh so reassuring words for this new mom to read. 

How do I breastfeeding in a carrier? Should I be worried about the growth chart? Can I breastfeed while pregnant? Just a few of the questions that are commonly asked in La Leche League meetings. (Image Source)

You know how every pregnancy book advises moms-to-be to visit at least one La Leche League meeting? Did you ever actually do it? I had it on my pregnancy to do list for a long time. Between work, morning sickness, pregnancy exhaustion, and then a new baby, I didn’t make it until BabyE was almost three months old.  I’m so glad I finally went! 

I have been constantly in awe of the positive breastfeeding support that this group has provided to me and every mother I’ve seen walk into our meeting.  No matter how much of an experienced breastfeeding mom I become, going on 14 months now, I always have another question to ask at each monthly meeting. I love that I always have the opportunity to have my questions answered in a supportive and completely non-judgmental format. I get lots of good information from experienced breastfeeding moms, and even if there is no perfect solution I get something even more valuable: support and the knowledge that I’m not alone in this adventure. 

Whether or not you’re having breastfeeding problems, it’s always nice just to get out and spend time with other mamas. I love how our La Leche League leader always brings toys to occupy the little ones that are mobile. There are even plug covers on all the outlets. 

A La Leche League meeting is also a great place to practice breastfeeding in public. I showed up to my first meeting with my nursing cover poised and ready. Of course it would have been perfectly fine to use it, but I quickly realized in this safe environment there was no need. Even though I didn’t know these women personally, we all shared the common bond of motherhood. 

This is another aspect that makes a LLL meeting perfect when you’re starting out breastfeeding or if you’re still pregnant. Most of us have never seen a baby nurse up close until we are trying to figure out how to breastfeed our own newborn. At LLL, you can learn a lot just from sitting and observing.

There are lots of resources available in addition to the support of other moms and the La Leche League leaders. There is also an extensive library for all things breastfeeding from which to borrow and lots of informational brochures and pamphlets you can take home with you. Our group has recently formed a facebook group so we can privately ask questions and discuss resources without having to wait for the monthly meeting.

If all that weren’t enough, our La Leche League leader brought the whole group delicious homemade lactation cookies. They are seriously addictive, and according to her toddler they do actually increase milk supply. You can find the recipe here. 

To find a meeting near you visit the La Leche League website. You’ll be glad you did! 

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