In the ideal world, we would be able to get all of our essential vitamins and nutrients from simply eating healthy foods. Unfortunately that hasn’t been true for me. Despite eating a healthy whole foods diet, I’ve struggled with several deficiencies in important vitamins both before and during this pregnancy.

Thus, taking supplements has become a necessary part of life for me. A supplement formulated from whole foods seems like the best of both worlds. I was thrilled when Liquid Health sent me their new Liquid Prenatal Multi to try out.

I’ve been taking the Liquid Prenatal Multi for about three weeks now. It is recommended to take it in juice for best taste, but as I’m not able to drink fruit juice with my blood sugar concerns, I’ve just been taking it straight from a spoon. I really don’t find the taste bad at all, especially not compared to my fermented cod liver oil! Lucky for me, it is sweetened with Stevia and does not contain any sugar.

Taking vitamins in a liquid form is also supposed to help maximize absorption. I think it would also be great if you have a hard time taking pills, especially during first trimester morning sickness. It is also recommended to take the prenatal a half hour before eating for optimal absorption, but even now in my third trimester, I just can’t take it on an empty stomach.


The vitamin seems to have a good balance of all the essential vitamins a pregnant woman needs. I was especially interested to note that they included enough Vitamin B12 to cover more than 3300 percent of your daily value.

B12 along with B-Complex are the vitamins I believe really helped improve my morning sickness this pregnancy, and my midwife has also recommended B12 to help improve my energy level.

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