No Spend Month {Week Four}

January is No Spend Month at our house this year. We are doing it to bring our current spending more in line with our new one-income status and as a detox after the consumer-centric holiday season.  Of course, buying less stuff will help us be more green and more resourceful as well. We usually spend about $500 on groceries each month. Instead, this month we will be budgeting to spend only $500 on all non-bill expenses including groceries, gas, household items, dining, entertainment, and yes coffee! 

Introducing No Spend Month
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Caution: One Mocha vs Breakfast for a Week
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What We Spent

This week we spent a total of $71.   We spent $28 at Whole Foods. As always, $43 went to a box of organic produce from our CSA. 
How We Did It
We started off the week with another round of Rubber Chicken.  We’ve been using this concept of making the most of a whole roasted chicken for a while now, but I love Raising Knights term for it! The fresh stock and leftover chicken became Chicken & Rice Soup. Thanks for the recipe Danica!  We also had Stuffed Bell Peppers, Lentils & Meatballs, Salmon Salad, and Bean Burgers. 
What We Learned
I couldn’t help but making comparisons this week. One dinner out for the two of us would cost more than what I spent at Whole Foods for the entire week’s worth of groceries.  One mocha at Starbucks would cost more than a dozen eggs.  This could go on and on, but you get the picture. Of course, everyone needs a special treat once in a while. That is just what it should be though, a special occasion and not an everyday occurrence. Making our own food at home is not only healthier, but also is many times less expensive than going out. It takes a fair amount of time and planning but is worth the many benefits. 

We only have three days and $35 left!
Stay tuned to see if we succeed!  

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