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I love the way that becoming parents often inspires us to greener and healthier living. Changes we aren’t compelled to make for ourselves, we will go to great effort (and expense) to make to protect our children.

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So it’s not surprising then that the first time I ever heard of natural mineral sunscreen was from the dad of two little children.


As he smeared the white cream from the crunchy local health food store over his nose, he explained that it might actually be all the chemical sunscreens that are contributing to increased cancer rates more than the sun itself!

Find out whether the baby and continuous spray sunscreens meet the standards of this natural mama, in this Goddess Garden Sunscreen Review.

As a college student at the time, I didn’t think too much about this. I was doing well to use sunscreen at all, right?

Well, well, how things change once you have kids! I soon found myself searching the internet for safe natural sunscreens for my baby boy.

It was especially important to me as my son was (and is) extremely sensitive to anything we put on his skin or in his body.

Research Sunscreen Ingredients

Whenever I am planning to buy a personal care product for me or my kids I go straight to the Environmental Working Group rating website to check for products they’ve given a good score. (In the EWG scoring system a 0 is best and 10 is the most toxic.)

I asked GrowingSlower facebook fans which sunscreens you are currently using for your kids. I thought that’d be a good starting point, along with a couple of others I tried, to compare.

You all happily reported that you used a natural kids sunscreen. Some of those natural brands did were great on EWG! Way to go doing your research.

But others didn’t do so well. I’ve decided not to name specific brands in this post, but it was pretty surprising what I found in these so-called natural sunscreens.

The EWG site is a great source of information, but you have to be very careful when looking at these ratings. One particular brand of “natural” baby sunscreen with a rating of a 2 (which you would assume to be fairly non-toxic) contained Octinoxate, one of the most toxic sunscreen ingredients out there! This is a hormone disruptor and causes reproductivity toxicity.

Another “natural” kids sunscreen contained Tocopheryl Acetate which has evidence for being an allergen and carcinogen. Another contained Benzyl Alcohol and Phenoxyethanol, which are both allergens.

As you can see not all “natural” sunscreens are quite so natural. So when you’re doing your research on sunscreens, be sure to expand the list of ingredients for each. You’ll see that they often contain several ingredients that rank much higher than their overall ranking. These are ingredients that you probably don’t want going on your baby’s skin!Find out whether the baby and continuous spray sunscreens meet the standards of this natural mama, in this Goddess Garden Sunscreen Review.

Goddess Garden Sunscreen Review – Baby Sunscreen

Luckily, we’ve had a beautiful spring, and I got the chance to try out the Goddess Garden line of sunscreen products while we worked on the garden this weekend!

When I first received the Goddess Garden Sunny Baby Natural Sunscreen, I immediately checked out the
EWG Score. As someone who doesn’t even put soap on her babies, I was very concerned about what I was about to put on my baby’s skin.

It rated a 1, and all of the ingredients ranged from a 0 to 2. The list of potential concerns was very short. I was very impressed!

Like most natural mineral sunscreens, this is a white cream, but once rubbed in it wasn’t very noticeable. I could see a tiny bit of added pastiness on my already pale girl, but that’s it.

The cream was smooth but pretty thick so it did take some rubbing to get it distributed evenly, but not more so than what I’ve experienced with other mineral sunscreens.

Find out whether the baby and continuous spray sunscreens meet the standards of this natural mama, in this Goddess Garden Sunscreen Review.

Goddess Garden Sunscreen Review – Continuous Spray

I also tried the Goddess Garden Kids Natural Sunscreen Continuous Spray for my 2 1/2 year old. He was actually really excited to have me put the sunscreen on him. (Kind of like how toddlers love getting bandaids maybe?) Now if only he loved getting his teeth brushed that much!My husband and I tried the Natural Sunscreen Continuous Sport Spray.The continuous spray sunscreens from Goddess Garden contain Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide as their active ingredients. These are the safest sunscreen ingredients available.  Both are rated a 2 when in a cream application. However, because they are sprayed in nano particles, EWG has a greater concern about their health effects, rating them a 4 and 6.

Here’s a snippet from a statement from Goddess Garden on the subject…

“The EWG is concerned about inhalation of airborne particles—namely zinc and titanium. That is why titanium is listed as a 6 and zinc is listed as a 4 ONLY in our sprays. Like I said, we believe these higher ratings in our sprays are unfounded because the nature of these particles is MUCH MUCH different than the nature of chemicals in traditional sunscreen sprays.”

Everyone should weigh the risks and benefits for themselves. The continuous spray formulas were even easier to rub in and get evenly distributed than the cream. It was also not as sticky or greasy feeling as other sunscreens I’ve used in the past.

I am very sensitive to smells. Pretty much any personal care product, even the natural ones, give me allergies. As a result, I avoid wearing sunscreen or anything unless absolutely necessary. But I’m happy to report that none of the sunscreens I tested bothered me at all.

My husband also noted that it was nice because it didn’t smell, and it wasn’t oily. Once it was on, you just forgot about it. Oh and none of us got sunburned that day!

Choosing the Safest Sunscreen for Your Kids

In the future, I think I would opt to purchase the Goddess Garden Sunny Baby Sunscreen for the whole family to use. To me, it’s worth the slightly less convenient application method since it has none of the potential risks of the spray. It’s as safe and non-toxic as any sunscreen I’ve researched, so I feel comfortable using it on everyone in the family when we need sun protection.

As parents, choosing a sunscreen for your kids is an important decision I know you will make this summer. I hope this has been helpful in doing some of the research for you, so you can spend more time actually playing outside with your kids instead of inside in front of a computer screen!

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