Throughout the next several weeks, I’ll be going on a little virtual book tour for the release of my Natural Birth Stories book. It will include guest posts, interviews, reviews. Stop by to see what 25+ bloggers are saying, and enter for your chance to win the book!

You can find me at:

Eco Incognito
The Farmers Martin
The Hippy Gardener
We’re Parents
Real Houston Housewife

Breastfeeding Place
Born Unique Baby

Duda Homestead

Gluten Free +2

I’ll be updating this list with links as I go. Today, be sure to check out my first stop on the tour. I’m absolutely honored to be guest posting at Code Name Mama, writing about Taking Charge of Your Birth Story.


“I’ve always considered myself an advocate for natural birth. I’ve been blessed to bring both of my children into the world through two amazing home births. I am passionate about the benefits that natural birth has for mothers and babies. For years I have written about natural birth on my blog. Now I’ve written an entire book meant to empower women to experience their own natural births. I’ve always considered myself an advocate for natural birth, but now I realize…I’m not…”

Stop by and read the full post at Code Name Mama.

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