The Ultimate Natural and Organic Grocery Price List

What prices should a frugal mom be aiming for when she goes to buy ground meat, chicken, fruits, vegetables, cheese, or toilet paper? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a guideline that you could check and say, “Hey that’s a great deal! I’m going to stock up.” or “I shouldn’t pay that much for this, I’ll pass.”? Now you can do just that, and more! We’ve worked hard to put together The Ultimate Natural and Organic Grocery Price List so you can compare prices and save money on groceries, supplements, personal care and household products.

How to use the The Ultimate Natural and Organic Grocery Price List

Step 1 – Check the Grocery Price List

The price list below is divided into sections so you can compare prices on:

  • Grains and Beans
  • Baking Supplies
  • Meat and Dairy
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Other Foods (includes nuts, nut butters, etc.)
  • Household Products and Personal Care Items
  • Supplements

Here are a few ways to use the Ultimate Natural and Organic Grocery Price List to save money on groceries.

  • Sort each table by store. For example, view and compare prices for all the Grains and Beans available at Costco at once.
  • Sort by unit price. For instance, you could sort the Fruit price table from lowest to highest by unit price and find out which types of fruit are the cheapest.
  • Search the price lists. You can use the search box to filter the price lists for a specific product, store, or any other keyword. We’ve included information for foods that are Gluten Free, non-GMO, Organic, and more.

Click here to download my free Grocery Price List printable.

Use this to record prices for the groceries and products you buy on a regular basis. You can also add your own price comparisons for your local stores to those for the national chains and online stores listed here. You can use the + and – signs at the top right to show or hide each price table to make it faster to scroll through the list.

Step 2 – Bookmark

Pin, bookmark, email, or share this page so you can easily find it again. We will constantly be updating and adding new products to the list to make your grocery savings even easier! Click here to Pin it!     Compare prices and save money on groceries with The Ultimate Natural and Organic Grocery Price List. This makes it easy to find the best prices on your favorite products at Costco, Vitacost, Amazon, Azure Standard, Thrive Market, and more!

Step 3 – Shop and Save

Here’s a list of stores currently included in the Ultimate Natural and Organic Grocery Price List:

  • Costco
  • Vitacost
  • Amazon
  • Azure Standard
  • Thrive Market
  • local farms

Many of the products listed are available online to anyone in the US, no matter what region you call home. As you look at the price list, all grocery deals that can be found online have an “Order Here” link that will take you directly to the product page to make it really simple to get your shopping done. Some of the links included in this page are affiliate or referral links. This means GrowingSlower earns a small commission when you shop at no cost to you. This helps us keep providing all the free resources you find here including this price list. We strive to keep this list updated frequently. Please verify the price for yourself before making a purchase, and please do let us know if an update is needed. Here is a little more info about how to get started saving money with some of the most popular online “grocery stores.”


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Azure Standard

Azure Standard offers amazing prices on natural and organic foods, supplements, and household products. Online orders are delivered to a local drop point with no shipping charge, or they can be shipped through UPS if there’s no drop point in your area. Here’s how to get started with Azure Standard.


Vitacost offers great deals on natural foods and supplements. Click here to get $10 off your first purchase of $30 or more. Plus get free shipping on orders of $49 or more.

Thrive Market

Get 25-50% off natural foods at Thrive Market. Plus get free shipping on orders of $49 or more everyday. Click here to start your free 30-day trial membership.

Step 4

Are you ready to take your grocery savings to the next level? Check out Grocery Savings Made Simple, the simple method thousands of moms are using to save big on groceries.

Step 5

See something we missed? Make a suggestion or submit your own price comparison. Just remember to give us all the details including where you shopped, exactly what product you priced, the total price, and the quantity included. Submit your price comparisons and suggestions in the form at the very bottom of this page or email [email protected] Thanks for helping us build the Ultimate Natural and Organic Grocery Price List!

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Grains and Beans

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Meat and Dairy

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Grocery Savings Made Simple

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Everything Else

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Household Supplies & Personal Care Items

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