The Ultimate Natural and Organic Grocery Price List

What prices should a frugal mom be aiming for when she goes to buy ground meat, chicken, fruits, vegetables, cheese, or toilet paper? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a guideline that you could check and say, “Hey that’s a great deal! I’m going to stock up.” or “I shouldn’t pay that much for this, I’ll pass.”? Now you can do just that, and more! We’ve worked hard to put together The Ultimate Natural and Organic Grocery Price List so you can compare prices and save money on groceries, supplements, personal care and household products.

How to use the The Ultimate Natural and Organic Grocery Price List

Step 1 – Check the Grocery Price List

The price list below is divided into sections so you can compare prices on:

  • Grains and Beans
  • Baking Supplies
  • Meat and Dairy
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Other Foods (includes nuts, nut butters, etc.)
  • Household Products and Personal Care Items
  • Supplements

Here are a few ways to use the Ultimate Natural and Organic Grocery Price List to save money on groceries.

  • Sort each table by store. For example, view and compare prices for all the Grains and Beans available at Costco at once.
  • Sort by unit price. For instance, you could sort the Fruit price table from lowest to highest by unit price and find out which types of fruit are the cheapest.
  • Search the price lists. You can use the search box to filter the price lists for a specific product, store, or any other keyword. We’ve included information for foods that are Gluten Free, non-GMO, Organic, and more.

Click here to download my free Grocery Price List printable.

Use this to record prices for the groceries and products you buy on a regular basis. You can also add your own price comparisons for your local stores to those for the national chains and online stores listed here. You can use the + and – signs at the top right to show or hide each price table to make it faster to scroll through the list.

Step 2 – Bookmark

Pin, bookmark, email, or share this page so you can easily find it again. We will constantly be updating and adding new products to the list to make your grocery savings even easier! Click here to Pin it!     Compare prices and save money on groceries with The Ultimate Natural and Organic Grocery Price List. This makes it easy to find the best prices on your favorite products at Costco, Vitacost, Amazon, Azure Standard, Thrive Market, and more!

Step 3 – Shop and Save

Here’s a list of stores currently included in the Ultimate Natural and Organic Grocery Price List:

  • Costco
  • Vitacost
  • Amazon
  • Azure Standard
  • Thrive Market
  • local farms

Many of the products listed are available online to anyone in the US, no matter what region you call home. As you look at the price list, all grocery deals that can be found online have an “Order Here” link that will take you directly to the product page to make it really simple to get your shopping done. Some of the links included in this page are affiliate or referral links. This means GrowingSlower earns a small commission when you shop at no cost to you. This helps us keep providing all the free resources you find here including this price list. We strive to keep this list updated frequently. Please verify the price for yourself before making a purchase, and please do let us know if an update is needed. Here is a little more info about how to get started saving money with some of the most popular online “grocery stores.”


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Azure Standard

Azure Standard offers amazing prices on natural and organic foods, supplements, and household products. Online orders are delivered to a local drop point with no shipping charge, or they can be shipped through UPS if there’s no drop point in your area. Here’s how to get started with Azure Standard.


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Thrive Market

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Step 4

Are you ready to take your grocery savings to the next level? Check out Grocery Savings Made Simple, the simple method thousands of moms are using to save big on groceries.

Step 5

See something we missed? Make a suggestion or submit your own price comparison. Just remember to give us all the details including where you shopped, exactly what product you priced, the total price, and the quantity included. Submit your price comparisons and suggestions in the form at the very bottom of this page or email [email protected] Thanks for helping us build the Ultimate Natural and Organic Grocery Price List!

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Grains and Beans
ItemStorePriceQuantityPrice per QuantityNote
Baking Soda, Order HereVitacost$2.0916 oz$2.09/lbGluten Free
Baking SodaCostco
Baking Soda, Order HereThrive Market$2.0516 oz$2.05/lbGluten Free
Baking Soda, Order HereAzure Standard$3.855 lb$0.77/lbAlso available in 1 lb and 50 lb bags
All Purpose FlourCostco
All Purpose Flour, Order HereThrive Market$4.952 lb$2.48/lbKing Arthur, Organic
All Purpose Flour, Order HereAzure Standard$16.3010 lbs$1.63/lbOrganic, Unbleached
All Purpose Flour, Order HereAmazon$3.475 lb$0.69/lbKing Arthur, Organic, Prime Pantry Only
All Purpose Flour, Order HereVitacost$9.005 lb$1.80/lbKing Arthur, Organic
Almond Flour, Order HereAzure Standard$43.605 lbs$8.72/lb
Almond FlourCostco$$/lb
Almond Flour, Order HereAmazon$44.995 lb$9.00/lbGluten Free
Almond Flour, Order HereThrive Market$8.4516 oz$8.45/lbGluten Free, GMO Free
Almond Flour, Order HereVitacost$9.5916 oz$9.59/lbGluten Free
Baking Powder, Order HereAzure Standard$29.4512 x 8.1oz$0.30/ozAluminum Free
Baking Powder, Order HereThrive Market$2.0516 oz$0.13/ozAluminum Free, Gluten Free
Baking Powder, Order HereVitacost$3.2916 oz$0.21/ozAluminum Free, Gluten Free
Baking PowderCostco
Baking Powder, Order Here"Amazon$2.257oz$0.32/ozPrime Pantry
Baking Soda, Order Here"Amazon$16.9913.5 lbs$0.08/oz
Black Beans, canned, organicCostco
Black Beans, canned, organic, Order HereThrive Market$3.952- 15 oz cans$1.98/15 oz canGluten Free, Non-GMO
Black Beans, dry organic, dry Order HereVitacost$6.982 lbs$3.49/lbdry beans
Black Beans, dry, organic Order hereAzure Standard$29.5525 lbs$1.18/lbdry beans, also available in 2 lb, 6 lb, and 8 lb bag
Black Beans, organic, dry Order hereAmazon$32.936 lbs$5.49/lbdry beans
Bread, organicCostco$6.992 loafs$3.50/loafDave's Killer Bread brand
Bread, organic, Order HereAzure Standard$5.0022 oz$3.63/lbRudis
Cannellini Beans, canned, organic, Order HereThrive Market$3.952- 15 oz cans$1.98/15 oz canNon-GMO, Gluten Free
Cannellini Beans, dry, Order HereAzure Standard$53.9525 lbs$2.16/lbOrganic, Gluten-Free
Cannellini Beans, dry, Order HereVitacost$5.451 lb$5.45/lbGluten Free, non-GMO
Crackers, Gluten Free, Order HereAzure Standard$59.9512 x 5.5 oz$0.91/ozGluten Free
Crackers, Gluten Free Order HereAmazon$3.084.4 oz$0.70/ozPrime Pantry
Crackers, gluten free, Order HereThrive Market$2.554.25 oz$9.60/lbGluten Free
Crackers, Gluten Free, Order HereVitacost$2.994.25 oz$11.26/lbGluten Free
Crackers, Gluten Free, Order HereVitacost$4.474.4 oz$1.02/ozGluten Free
Crackers, Gluten Free, organic Order HereAmazon$3.044.4 oz$0.69/ozGluten Free, Prime Pantry
Crackers, Gluten Free, organicCostco$7.991.42 lbs$5.63/lbGluten Free
Crackers, Gluten Free, organic, Order HereVitacost$3.483.5 oz$15.91/lbGluten Free
Dark Chocolate Chips
Dark Chocolate Chips, Order HereAzure Standard$33.005 bs$0.41/ozGrain Sweetened
Flour, Gluten Free, Order HereVitacost$7.7944 oz$2.83/lbGluten Free
Flour, Gluten Free, Order HereAmazon$54.096- 48 oz bags$3.01/lbGluten Free
Flour, gluten free, Order HereThrive Market$3.2522 oz$2.36/lbGluten Free, GMO Free
Flour, Gluten Free, Order HereAzure Standard$28.906- 28 oz$2.75/lbGluten Free, All Purpose Flour Mix
Flour, Gluten Free, OrganicCostco$11.995 lbs$2.40/lb
Flour, Gluten Free, organic, Order HereAmazon$22.6564 oz$5.66/lbGluten Free
Flour, Gluten Free, organic, Order HereVitacost$6.5916 oz$6.59/lbGluten Free, GMO Free
Flour, gluten free Order HereVitacost$5.0915 oz$5.43/lbGluten Free
Garbanzo Beans, Order HereAmazon$26.959 lbs$2.99/lbdry beans, non-GMO, eco-farmed
Garbanzo Beans, dry, Order HereVitacost$2.801 lb$2.80/lbGluten Free, non-GMO
Garbanzo Beans, dry, Order HereAzure Standard$19.0025 lbs$0.76/lbAlso available in 5 lb bag
Garbanzo Beans, dry, organic, Order HereAzure Standard$35.5525 lbs$1.42/lbdry beans
Honey, Raw, Order HereAzure Standard$46.401 gallon$0.36/oz
Honey, Raw, Order HereVitacost10.3632 oz0.32/oz
Honey, Order HereThive4.9512 oz0.41/oz
Honey, Raw, Order HereAmazon19.9748 oz0.41/oz
HummusCostco$4.9933 oz$2.42/lb
Hummus, Order HereAmazon$29.196- 13.4 oz jars$5.81/lb
Hummus, organic, Order HereVitacost$3.7912.75 oz$4.76/lb
Hummus, organic, Order HereAzure Standard$2.6512.75 oz$3.33/lbnon-GMO
Kidney Beans, canned, organic, Order HereThrive Market$3.952- 15 oz cans$1.98/15 oz canNon-GMO, Gluten Free
Kidney Beans, dry, Order HereAmazon$18.104- 27 oz bags$2.68/lb
Kidney Beans, dry, Order HereVitacost$2.0914 oz$2.39/lb
Kidney Beans, dry, Order HereVitacost$3.9516 oz$3.95/lbGluten Free, non-GMO
Kidney Beans, dry, Order HereAzure Standard$31.7525 lbs$1.27/lbAlso available in 5 lb bag
Kidney Beans, dry, organic, Order HereAzure Standard$46.4525 lbs$1.86/lbdry beans
Lentil Flour, Order HereAzure Standard$4.201.8 lbs$2.33/lb
Lentils, dry, Order HereAmazon$14.955 lb$2.99/lbNon-GMO
Lentils, dry, Order HereVitacost$2.9916 oz$2.99/lbGluten Free, non-GMO
Lentils, dry, Order HereAzure Standard$12.3025 lb$0.49/lbGMO Free
Lentils, dry, organic, Order HereAmazon$10.002 lb$5.00/lb
Lentils, dry, organic, Order HereThrive Market$4.4510 oz$7.12/lbGluten Free, Sprouted
Lentils, dry, organic, Order HereThrive Market$4.4510 oz$7.12Gluten Free, Sprouted
Lentils, dry, organic, Order HereVitacost$2.9816 oz$2.98/lb
Lentils, dry, organic, Order HereAzure Standard$26.4025 lb$1.06/lb
OatsCostco$7.8910 lbs$0.79/lbQuaker brand
Oats, Order HereAmazon$14.294- 32 oz bags$1.79/lbBob's Red Mill brand
Oats, Order HereThrive Market$5.4532 oz$2.73/lbGluten Free
Oats, Order HereVitacost$2.1916 oz$2.19/lbGluten Free, non-GMO
Oats, Order HereAzure Standard$26.6050 lbs$0.53/lbAlso available in 5 lb and 25 lb bags
Oats, organic, Order HereAmazon53.1225 lb$2.12/lbnon-GMO
Oats, organic, Order HereThrive Market$3.9532 oz$1.98/lbGMO Free
Oats, organic, Order HereVitacost$3.2932 oz$1.65/lb
Oats, organic, Order HereAzure Standard$46.6550 lbs$0.87/lbAlso available in 5 lb and 25 lb bags
Oats, organic, steel cutCostco
Pasta, Gluten FreeCostcoGluten Free
Pasta, Gluten Free, Order HereAmazon$16.226- 1 lb bags$2.85/lbGluten Free, No GMO
Pasta, Gluten Free, Order HereThrive Market$2.9516 oz$2.96/lbGluten Free
Pasta, Gluten Free, Order HereVitacost$2.4916 oz$2.49/lbGluten Free, Tinkyada brand
Pasta, Gluten Free, Order HereVitacost$2.5016 oz$2.50/lbGluten Free
Pasta, Gluten Free, organic, Order HereAmazon$49.4812- 12 oz bags$5.50/lbGluten Free, Tinkyada brand
Pasta, gluten free, organic, Order HereThrive Market$2.9512 oz$3.93/lbGluten Free
Pasta, Gluten Free, organic, Order HereAzure Standard$42.6012- 9 oz boxes$6.61/lbGluten Free
Quinoa, OrganicCostco$17.994 lbs$4.50/lb
Quinoa, Organic, Order HereAzure Standard$79.9525 lbs$3.20/lb
Quinoa, Organic, Order HereAmazon$24.994 lb$6.25/lbGluten Free, Non-GMO
Quinoa, Organic, Order HereThrive Market$5.9512 oz$7.93Gluten Free, Non-GMO
Quinoa, Organic, Order HereVitacost$7.1516 oz$7.15/lbGluten Free, non-GMO
Red Beans, dry, Order HereVitacost$5.1927 oz$3.08/lb
Red Beans, dry, < a href="" target="_blank">Order HereAzure Standard$26.9525 lbs$1.08/lb
Red Beans, dry, Order HereAmazon$47.2525 lb$1.89/lbGluten Free, Price: $29.00+$18.25 shipping
Red Beans, dry, organic, Order HereVitacost$3.551 lb$3.55/lbGluten Free, non-GMO
Red Beans, dry, organic, Order HereAzure Standard$33.1025 lb$1.32/lb
Refried Beans, Order HereAzure Standard$20.2012 x 15 oz cans$0.11/ozOrganic
Rice Flour, Order HereAmazon$20.104- 48 oz bags$1.68/lb
Rice Flour, Order HereAzure Standard$23.8025 lbs$0.95/lbeco-farmed, also available in 5 lb bag
Rice Flour, Order HereVitacost$5.2948 oz$1.76/lbGluten Free
Rice Flour, organicAmazon$29.268 lb$3.66/lbGluten Free, Price: $19.19+10.07 Shipping
Rice Flour, organic, Order HereVitacost$4.892 lbs$2.45/lbGluten Free
Rice Flour, organic, Order HereAzure Standard$34.4025 lbs$1.38/lbflour, Also available in 5 lb bag
Rice Flour, organic, brown,Order HereThrive Market$4.6524 oz$3.10/lbGluten Free
Rice Flour, organic, whiteOrder HereThrive Market$2.5524 oz$1.70/lbGluten Free
Rice Flour, white, Order HereThrive Market$2.5524 oz$1.70/lbGluten Free, GMO Free
Rice, Brown, Organic, Order HereAzure Standard$9.605 lbs$1.92/lbOrganic, non-GMO
Rice, Brown, OrganicCostco$13.9912 lbs$1.17/lb
Rice, Brown, Organic, Order HereAmazon$54.1925 lb$2.17/lbGluten Free
Rice, Brown, Organic, Order HereThrive Market$3.952 lbs$1.98/lbGluten Free, Non-GMO
Rice, Brown, organic, Order HereVitacost$4.692 lbs$2.35/lbGluten Free
Salt, Order HereThrive Market$2.0526 oz$.08/ozIodized Sea Salt
Spaghetti, organicCostco$8.79
Split Peas, dry, Order HereAzure Standard$17.0025 lbs$0.68/lb
Split Peas, dry, Order HereAmazon$14.955 lb$2.99/lbNon-GMO
Split Peas, dry, Order HereVitacost$3.3929 oz$1.87/lb
Split Peas, dry, organic, Order HereVitacost$2.891 lb$2.89/lb
Sugar, Order HereThrive Market$3.451 lb$3.45/lbOrganic
Sugar, Brown, Order HereThrive Market$4.4524 oz$2.97/lbOrganic, Light Brown
Tortilla Chips, Corn, Order Here Azure Standard$52.3010 x 22 oz$0.24 /ozOrganic, Blue Corn, non-GMO
Tortillas, CornCostco$3.99100 tortillas$0.04/tortilla
Vanilla Extract, Order HereAzure Standard$14.9516.oz$0.93/ozOrganic
Vanilla Extract, Order HereThrive Market$7.454 oz$1.86/ozOrganic
White Navy Beans, dry, Order HereAzure Standard$32.4525 lbs$1.30/lbnon-MO
White Wine Vinegar, Order HereAzure Standard$61.354 x 1 gallon$0.12/ozOrganic
White Wine Vinegar, Order HereThrive Market$4.4512.7 oz$0.35/oz
Baking PowderCostco$5.393.75 lbs$1.44/lb
Baking PowderAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Baking PowderThrive MarketCOMING SOON!
Baking PowderVitacostCOMING SOON!
Baking PowderAmazon PrimeCOMING SOON!
Baking PowderPrime PantryCOMING SOON!
CheeriosCostco$5.992.54 lbs$2.36/lb
CheeriosAmazon PrimeCOMING SOON!
CheeriosPrime PantryCOMING SOON!

Meat and Dairy
ItemStorePriceQuantityPrice per QuantityNote
Beef, Ground , OrganicCostco18.994 lbs (3 x 1.33 oz)4.75/ lb
Beef, Ground, 80/20, Fresh, Order HereZaycon122.59~41 lbs2.99/lb
Beef, Ground, 93/7, Fresh, Order HereZaycon163.59~41 lbs3.99/lb
Beef, Quarter, Grassfed, Order HereMeadowfed Farm, Everson, Washington~731.30Quarter Beef (~206 lb hanging weight)~5.30/lb cut and wrapped (3.55/lb hanging weight)Grassfed, 8/15
Beef, Quarter, Grassfed, Order HereHughes Farm, Post Falls, Idaho~765.29Quarter Beef (~206 lbs hanging weight)~5.47/lb Cut and Wrapped (3.72/lb hanging weight)Grassfed, Grain Finished, 8/15
Beef, Quarter, Grassfed, Order HereSkyline Farms, Harvard, Idaho~1119.10Quarter Beef (~206 lbs hanging weight)~8.11/lb cut and wrapped(4.85/lb hanging weight + 120 processing)Grassfed, Grassfinished, Eco-Farmed, 8/15
Beef, Quarter, Grassfed, Order HereTeddy Bear Farms, Mead, Washington~885.50Quarter Beef (~206 lb hanging weight)~6.42/lb cut and wrapped (4.30/lb hanging weight)Grassfed, Grass Finished, 8/15
Cheese, stringCostco$9.8960 oz$0.16/oz11/16
Cheese, stringAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Chicken Breasts, Fresh, Boneless, Skinless, Order HereZaycon67.6040 lbs1.69/lb
Chicken, Whole, Free Range, Order HereAzure Standard119.85 (varies)45 lbs (varies)2.66/lb8/15
Chicken, Whole, OrganicCostco24.90 (varies)10 lbs (varies)2.49/lb
Cod Fillets, Wild, Order HereZaycon149.7525 lbs5.99/lb
Cottage CheeseCostco4.9948 oz0.10/oz
EggsAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Eggs, cagefreeSuper 1$2.981 dozen$2.98/doz11/16
Eggs, OrganicCostco6.792 dozen3.35/dozen
Ground Turkey, 90/10, Order HereZaycon99.6040 lbs2.49/lb
Ham, Boneless, Order HereZaycon65.8020 lbs3.29/lb
MilkAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Milk, goatAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Milk, goat, rawSuper 1$6.781/2 gallon$13.56/gal11/16
Milk, whole, organicSuper 1$5.981 gallon$5.98/gal11/16
Pollock Fillets, Wild, Order HereZaycon118.0832 lbs3.69/lb
Red Shrimp, Wild, Order HereZaycon149.8020 lbs7.49/lb
Salmon, Canned, WildCostco11.8918 oz0.66/oz
Salmon, Canned, Wild, Order HereAmazon21.3236 oz (6 x 6 oz cans)0.59/oz
Salmon, Canned, Wild, Order HereAzure Standard34.20177 oz (12 x 14.75 oz cans)0.19/oz
Join Thrive Market. Wholesome Products. Wholesale Prices.
ItemStorePriceQuantityPrice per QuantityNote
Raisins, organic, Order HereAzure Standard19.605 lbs3.92/lbdried
Raisins, organic, Order HereAzure Standard23.5010 lbs2.35/lbdried
Raisins, organicCostco8.494 lbs2.12/lbdried
Raisins, conventionalCostco6.994.5 lbs1.55/lbdried, 11/16
Oranges, Navel, Organic, Order HereAzure Standard8.154 lb2.04/lbfresh, organic
Oranges, ClementinesCostco7.995 lb1.60/lbfresh
LimeSuper 1$0.381 lime$0.38/lime
KiwiSuper 1$0.581 kiwi$0.58/kiwifresh, 11/16
Blueberries, frozen, organicCostco10.703 lbs3.60/lbfrozen
Blueberries, frozen, natural, Order HereAzure Standard23.2010 lbs2.32/lbfrozen
Blueberries, frozen, Order HereAzure Standard43.8510 lbs4.39/lbfrozen
Blueberries, frozenCostco8.995 lbs1.80/lbfrozen
Bananas, organicSuper 1$0.791 lb$0.79fresh, 11/16
Bananas, organicCostco1.993 lbs0.66/lbfresh, 11/16
BananasCostco1.393 lbs0.46fresh
BananasSuper 1$0.581 lb$0.58/lbfresh, 11/16
Apples, organic, Order HereAzure Standard22.7520 lbs1.14/lbfresh, best price was red delicious
Apples, organicCostco8.495.5 lbs1.54/lbfresh, best price was Gala
ApplesSuper 1$0.881 lb$0.88/lbfresh, 11/16, Jonagold
Apple SauceCostco8.39173 oz0.05/oz11/16
Apple Juice, organic, Order HereAzure Standard40.23192 oz0.21/ozjuice
Apple Juice, organicAzure Standard7.85128 oz0.06/ozjuice
Apple juice, organicCostco5.9964 oz.094/ozjuice
Pineapple, organicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!fresh
Lemons, organicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Limes, organicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Kiwi, organicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Grapefruit, organicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Grocery Savings Made Simple
ItemStorePriceQuantityPrice per QuantityNote, Date Updated
AvocadosCostco5.4960.92 eachfresh
Avocados, small, organic, Order HereAzure Standard5.7031.90 eachfresh
Bell PepperAzure StandardCOMING SOON!fresh
Bell Pepper, redSuper1.781 pepper1.78/pepper6/15
Broccoli, frozen, organicCostco7.594 lbs1.90/lbfrozen
Broccoli, organicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!fresh
Broccolini, organicSuper 10.98 (1 bunch)6/15
Carrots, organicCostco4.9910 lbs0.50/lbfresh, 11/16
Carrots, organic, Order HereAzure Standard28.0025 lbs1.12/lbfresh, also available in 5 lb bag
Celery, heartsCostco2.994.5 lbs varies (4 celery hearts)0.66/lbfresh
Celery, organic, Order HereAzure Standard41.0040 lbs1.03/lb
Corn, frozen, organicCostco5.895 lbs1.18/lbfrozen
Corn, on the cobSuper 10.501 ear0.50/ear6/15
CucumberSuper 10.781 cucumber0.78/cucumber6/15
Edamame, frozen, organicCostco10.996.75 lbs (12 x 9 oz bags)1.63/lbfrozen
GarlicSuper 1~0.303 oz (one head)1.61/lbwhole, 6/15
Green Beans, frozen, organicCostco6.195 lbs1.24/lbfrozen
Onion, yellowCostco3.4910 lbs0.35/lbfresh
Onion, Yellow, organic, Order HereAzure Standard17.8018 lbs0.99/lbfresh, also available in 3 pound bag
Peas, frozen, organicCostco6.195 lbs1.24/lbfrozen
Salad Mix, organicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!fresh
Spinach, organicCostco$3.991 lb$3.99/lbbaby spinach, 11/16
Azure StandardCOMING SOON!
Sweet Potato Fries, organicCostco8.996.5 lbs2.45/lbfrozen
Sweet Potato, organic, Order HereAzure Standard66.0040 lbs1.65/lbfresh, also available in 3 pound bag
Sweet Potatoes, organicCostco10.7910 lbs1.08/lbfresh
TomatoSuper 10.981 lb0.98/lb6/15
Tomato Sauce Order HereAmazon3.1928 oz0.11/ozOrganic, Prime Pantry
Tomato Sauce, Order HereAzure Standard8.45106 oz0.08/ozOrganic, BPA free cans
Tomato Sauce, organicCostco7.99174 oz (12 x 14.5 oz cans)0.05/ozcanned
Tomatoes, diced, Order HereAzure Standard25.00174 oz (12 x 14.5 oz cans)0.14/ozcanned, also available in a variety of flavors, quantities, and can sizes
Tomatoes, diced, organicCostco5.99116 oz (8 x 14.5 oz cans)0.05/ozcanned
YamsSuper 1$1.581 lb$1.58/lb11/16
Yams, organicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!fresh
ZucchiniSuper 10.881 lb0.88/lb11/16
Garlic, organicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Onions, yellow, organicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Squash, Spaghetti, OrganicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Potatoes, Russet, organicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Potatoes, Red, organicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Mushrooms, Crimini, organicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Kale, organicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Ginger, organicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Cauliflower, OrganicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Cabbage, red, organicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Cabbage, green, organicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Beets, organicAzure StandardCOMING SOON!
Everything Else
ItemStorePriceQuantityPrice per QuantityNote
Peanut Butter, naturalCostco8.9980 oz0.11/ozAdam's Crunchy
Peanut Butter, natural, Order HereAmazon20.3778 oz0.26/oz
Peanut Butter, natural, Order HereAzure Standard29.15144 oz0.20/ozcrunchy, also available in smooth and by the jar
Peanut Butter, organicAzure Standard59.10192 oz (12 x 16 oz jars)0.31/ozcrunchy, also available by the jar and in smooth
Peanut Butter, organic, Order HereAmazon10.9916 oz0.69/ozcrunchy
Peanut Butter, organic, Order HereVitacost5.5916 oz0.35/ozcrunchy, also available in creamy
Peanut Butter, organic, Order HereThrive Market4.9516 oz0.31/ozcrunchy, also available in creamy
Almond ButterCostco7.9927 oz0.30/oz11/16
Almond Butter Order HereAmazon18.4427 oz0.68/oz
Almond Butter, Order HereAzure Standard83.406 x 12 oz1.16/lbOrganic
Almond Butter, Order HereVitacost10.2516 oz0.64/ozNon-GMO, unsalted
Almond Butter, Order HereThrive Market10.9516 oz0.68/ozcrunchy, also available in creamy
Almonds, rawCostco11.993 lbs$4.00/lb11/16
Almonds, raw, natural, Order HereAmazon24.124 lbs6.03/lbPrime Pantry
Almonds, raw, Order HereVitacost7.918 oz15.82/lbOrganic
Almonds, raw, Order HereThrive Market7.257.5 oz15.47/lbOrganic, non GMO
Almonds, raw, Order HereAzure Standard35.955 lbs7.19/lb
Olive OilSuper 112.6733.8 oz$.37/oz
Olive Oil, extra virgin, Order HereAzure Standard26.751 gallon0.21/ozexpeller pressed, organic
Olive Oil, extra virgin, Order HereAmazon23.4367.6 oz0.35/ozOrganic
Olive Oil, extra virgin, Order HereVitacost9.9916.9oz0.51/ozOrganic
Olive Oil, extra virgin, Order HereThrive Market10.4525.40.41/ozOrganic
Flax Seed, Order HereAzure Standard44.95`25 lbs1.80/lbOrganic
Flax Seed, Order HereThrive Market3.9515 oz4.21/lbOrganic
Flax Seed, Order HereAmazon23.544 x 24 oz3.68/lbOrganic
Flax Seed, Order HereVitacost5.3932 oz2.70/lbOrganic
Coconut Oil, Order HereAzure Standard45.001 gallon0.35/ozCold Pressed, Organic
Coconut Oil, Order HereVitacost23.9954 oz0.44/ozCold Pressed, Organic
Coconut Oil, Order HereThrive Market28.4554 oz0.53/ozCold Pressed, Organic
Coconut Oil, Order HereAmazon21.9854 oz0.41/ozCold Pressed, Organic
Apple Cider Vinegar, Order HereThrive Market2.9516 oz0.18/oz
Apple Cider Vinegar, Order HereVitacost4.6732 oz0.15/oz
Apple Cider Vinegar, Order HereAmazon28.181 gallon0.22 / oz
Apple Cider Vinegar, raw, Order HereAzure Standard$11.251 gallon$0.09/oz
Household Supplies & Personal Care Items
ItemStorePriceQuantityPrice per QuantityNote
All Purpose CleanerVitacost3.4932 oz0.11/ozSeventh Generation
All Purpose CleanerThrive MarketSeventh Generation
All Purpose Cleaner, Order HereePantry3.9528 oz0.14/ozMethod, 9/15
All Purpose CleanerThrive MarketMrs. Meyers
All Purpose CleanerVitacost3.5916 oz0.22/0zMrs. Meyers
All Purpose CleanerThrive MarketMethod
All Purpose Cleaner, Order HereePantry3.6916 oz0.23/ozMrs. Meyers
All Purpose Cleaner, Order HereePantry4.3932 oz0.14/ozSeventh Generation, 9/15
All Purpose CleanerVitacost3.5928 oz0.13/ozMethod
All Purpose CleanerAzure Standard29.6532 oz x 8 bottles0.11/ozSeventh Generation
All Purpose CleanerAmazon2.6526 oz0.10/ozSeventh Generation
All Purpose CleanerAmazon3.6916 0z0.22Mrs. Meyers
All Purpose Cleaner, Order HereAmazon12.9528 oz0.46/ozMethod, 9/15
Bathroom CleanerAmazon23.9228 oz x 8 bottles0.10/ozMethod, 9/15
Bathroom CleanerAzure Standard5.3532 oz0.16/ozBioKleen
Bathroom CleanerVitacost3.5928 oz0.13/ozMethod
Bathroom Cleaner, Order HereePantry4.9928 oz0.18/ozMethod, 9/15
Bathroom CleanerThrive MarketMethod
BoraxThrive Market COMING SOON!20 Mule Team
Borax, Order HereAmazon10.5076 oz.14/oz20 Mule Team, 9/15
Castile Soap, liquid, Order HereePantry$16.9932 oz$0.53/ozDr. Bronner's, Organic, Fair Trade, 9/15
Castile Soap, liquidAzure Standard12.5032 oz0.39/ozDr. Bronner's
Castile Soap, liquid, Order HereAmazon16.1932 oz.51/ozDr. Bronner's, Organic, Fair Trade, 9/15
Castile Soap, liquid, Order HereVitacost$16.1932 oz$0.51/ozDr. Bronner's, Organic, Fair Trade, 9/15
Castile Soap, liquid, organic Order HereThrive Market$10.9532 oz$0.34/ozDr. Bronner's, Organic, Fair Trade, 9/15
ConditionerAmazon10.6218 oz0.59/ ozNature's Gate
Conditioner, Order HereePantry8.4916.9 oz0.50Yes to Carrots, EWG 3, 9/15
ConditionerAzure Standard5.8018 oz0.32/ ozNature's Gate
Conditioner, Order HereePantry9.498 oz1.19/ozAcure, EWG 2, 9/15
Conditioner, Order HereAmazon22.9716 oz (8 oz x 2 bottles)1.44/ozAcure, EWG 2, 9/15
Conditioner, Order HereThrive Market$7.9532 oz$0.25/ozEveryday Coconut, Fair Trade, 9/15
Conditioner, Order HereVitacost$8.0032 oz$0.25/ozNature's Gate, EWG 4, 9/15
CondomsCostco COMING SOON!
Condoms, Order HereePantry13.9910 count1.40/condomSustain, 9/15
Condoms, Order HereAmazon 11.8012 count0.98/condomSir Richard, 9/15
Condoms, Order HereAmazon17.4840 count0.44/condomTrojan, 9/15
Condoms, Order HereThrive Market$7.9512 count$0.66/condomSir Richard
Condoms, Order HereVitacost$18.7936 count$0.52/eachTrojan
DeodorantThrive MarketCrystal, EWG 1
Deodorant, Order HereePantry4.992.25 oz2.22/ozTom's, EWG 1 Wild Lavender, 9/15
DeodorantAzure Standard3.903 oz1.3/ozCrystal, Naturall Fresh
DeodorantVitacost2.902.25 oz1.3/ozCrystal, EWG 1
DeodorantThrive Market COMING SOON!
DeodorantAzure Standard3.903 oz1.3/ozCrystal, EWG 1
Deodorant, Order HereAmazon7.004.25 oz1.65/ozCrystal, EWG 1, 9/15
Deodorant, Order HereAmazon22.7413.5 oz (2.25 oz x 6 pack)1.68/ozTom's, EWG 1 Wild Lavender, 9/15
Deodorant, Order HereVitacost$2.494 oz$0.62/ozTom's
DiapersThrive MarketSeventh Generation
DiapersAzure Standard55.40count varies per size0.38/NB size diaperSeventh Generation
DiapersAmazon9.34count varies per size0.23/NB size diaperSeventh Generation
DiapersVitacost9.89count varies per size0.27/NB diaperSeventh Generation
Diapers, Order HereePantry18.67Count varies per size, 80 count NB size to 40 count Size 60.23/NB size diaper to 0.47/ size 6 diaperSeventh Generation
Dish Soap, < a href = "" target="_blank">Order HereePantry3.8925 oz0.16/ozSeventh Generation
Dish SoapVitacost2.8925 oz0.11/ozSeventh Generation
Dish SoapThrive MarketMrs. Meyers
Dish SoapThrive MarketSeventh Generation
Dish SoapAmazon3.5916 oz0.22/ozMrs. Meyers
Dish SoapAmazon2.6925 oz0.11/ozSeventh Generation
Dish SoapThrive MarketMethod, refill
Dish Soap, Order HereePantry4.9936 oz0.14/ozMethod, 9/15
Dish SoapVitacost5.4936 oz0.15/ozMethod, refill
Dish SoapVitacost3.5916 oz0.22/ozMrs. Meyers
Dish Soap, Order HereePantry3.8916 oz0.24/ozMrs. Meyers
Dish Soap, Order HereAmazon4.9936 oz0.14/ozMethod, 9/15
Dishwasher detergentAzure Standard27.7532 oz x 6 bottles0.14/ozGreenShield
Dishwasher detergentThrive Market COMING SOON!Method
Dishwasher Detergent, Order HereePantry5.9920 loads0.30/loadMethod, 8/15
Dishwasher detergent, Order HereVitacost$7.8975 oz$0.10/ozSeventh Generation Brand
Dishwasher Detergent, gelCostco9.49
Dishwasher detergent, natural, Order HereAmazon 29.94120 loads (20 loads x 6 packs)0.25/loadMethod, 9/15
Dishwasher Detergent, PowderAmazon11.9970 oz0.17/loadSeventh Generation, Powder,
Dishwasher Detergent, PowderThrive MarketSeventh Generation, Powder,
Dishwasher Detergent, Powder, Order HereePantry7.4975 oz (75 loads)0.10/loadSeventh Generation, Powder, 9/15
Dishwasher Detergent, tabsAzure Standard74.05240 loads0.31/pacSeventh Generation, tabs
Dishwasher Detergent, tabs, Order HereePantry8.3120 loads0.42/loadMrs. Meyers, tabs
Dishwasher Detergent, tabsThrive MarketMrs. Meyers, tabs
Dishwasher Detergent, tabsAmazon5.7120 loads0.29/loadMrs. Meyers, tabs
Dishwasher Detergent, tabsVitacost5.8920 loads0.29/loadMrs. Meyers, tabs
Dishwasher, Powder, Order HereVitacost5.3920 loads0.27/loadMethod Smarty, 9/15
Fabric Softener, Order HereePantry7.6950 loads0.15/loadMethod, HE, 8/15
Feminine PadsAmazon47.88168 count0.29/padNatra Care, Regular, Maxi-Pad
Feminine Pads, Order HereePantry4.9918 count0.28/padSeventh Generation, Regular, Ultra Thin, Wings, 9/15
Feminine PadsVitacost3.7718 count0.21/padSeventh Generation Regular, Ultra Thin, Wings
Feminine Pads, Order HereePantry5.3514 count0.38/padNatra Care, Regular, Maxi-Pad, 9/15
Feminine PadsAzure Standard50.25168 count0.30/padNatra Care, Regular, Maxi-Pad
Feminine PadsThrive MarketNatra Care, Regular, Maxi-Pad
Feminine Pads, Order HereAmazon28.94108 (18 pads x 6 packs)0.27/padSeventh Generation, Regular, Ultra Thin, Wings, 9/15
Feminine Pads, Order HereThrive Market$3.9524 count$0.16/padSeventh Generation brand
Feminine Pads, Order HereVitacost$3.9914 count$0.29/padNatracare
Floor CleanerThrive MarketMethod Hard Floor Cleaner
Floor CleanerVitacost5.3925 oz0.22/ozMethod Hard Floor Cleaner
Floor Cleaner, Order HereePantry6.1125 oz0.24/ozMethod, 8/15
Floor CleanerAzure Standard6.5032 oz0.20/ozBioKleen
Floor Cleaner, Order HereAmazon30.72150 oz (25 oz x 6 packs)0.20/ozMethod, 9/15
FlossAzure Standard14.3050 yards x 60.05/yardDesert Essence
Floss, Order HereePantry3.3932 yards0.11/yardTom's, 9/15
FlossVitacost2.2950 yards0.05/yardDessert Essence
FlossCostco COMING SOON!
FlossThrive MarketTom's
FlossVitacost2.6932 yards0.09/yardTom's
Floss, Order HereThrive Market$2.2550 yards$0.05/ydDesert Essence
Floss, Order HereAmazon14.48300 yards (50 yards x 6 packs)0.05/ydDesert Essence, 9/15
Floss, Order HereVitacost$3.49100 yards$.03/ydEco Dent
Garbage BagsVitacost4.4930 bags0.15/bagSeventh Generation, 13-gallon
Garbage BagsThrive MarketSeventh Generation
Garbage BagsAmazon4.4920 bags0.22/bagSeventh Generation, 13- gallon
Garbage Bags, 13-gallon, Order HereePantry5.4920 bags0.27/bagSeventh Generation, 8/15
Hand Soap, liquid, Order HereePantry6.1134 oz0.18/ozMethod, 9/15
Hand Soap, liquidThrive Market COMING SOON!Method
Hand Soap, liquidAmazon3.5912.5 oz0.29/ozMrs. Meyers
Hand Soap, liquidAzure Standard5.5512 oz0.46/ozAvalon
Hand Soap, liquidThrive MarketMrs. Meyers, refill
Hand Soap, liquidCostco COMING SOON!
Hand Soap, liquidVitacost3.5912.5 oz0.29/ozMrs. Meyers
Hand Soap, liquid, Order HereePantry8.3133 oz0.25/ozMrs. Meyers, refill, 9/15
Hand Soap, liquid, Order HereAmazon Prime 14.9934 oz0.44/ozMethod, 9/15
Hand Soap, liquid, Order HereVitacost$3.4917 oz$0.21/ozMethod
Laundry DetergentCostco COMING SOON!
Laundry Detergent, liquidThrive Market COMING SOON!Method, HE, Refill
Laundry Detergent, liquidVitacost20.9985 loads0.25/loadMethod refill
Laundry Detergent, liquid, Order HereePantry19.9985 loads0.24/loadMethod, HE, Refill, 9/15
Laundry Detergent, liquid, Order HereAmazon17.8485 loads0.21/loadMethod, HE, Refill, 9/15
Laundry Detergent, Liquid, HEAmazon12.9956 loads0.23/loadVaska, HE, 8/15
Laundry Detergent, Liquid, HE, Order HereAzure Standard108.35800 loads (5 gallons)0.14/loadCharlie's Soap, 8/15
Laundry Detergent, Order HereVitacost$11.49100 oz (100 loads)$0.11/loadEarth Friendly, ECOS
Laundry Detergent, powder, Order HereePantry12.9970 loads0.19/loadSeventh Generation
Laundry Detergent, powderThrive MarketSeventh Generation
Laundry Detergent, powderVitacost11.9970 loads0.17/loadSeventh Generation
Laundry Detergent, powderAzure Standard61.4070 loads x 40.21/loadSeventh Generation
Laundry Detergent, powder, Order HereAmazon11.9970 loads0.17/loadSeventh Generation
LotionThrive Market COMING SOON!
LotionAzure Standard5.358 oz0.67/ozDesert Essence
LotionCostco COMING SOON!
Lotion, Order HereePantry9.4912 oz0.79/ozYes to Carrots daily moisture
LotionAmazon6.098 oz0.76/oz
Lotion, Order HereVitacost$8.4932 oz$0.26/ozNo animal testing
RazorsThrive Market COMING SOON!Triple Blade
RazorsCostco COMING SOON!Triple Blade,
Razors, Order HereePantry8.494 Refill Cartridges2.12/cartridgeTriple Blade, Women's, 9/15
RazorsAmazon6.938 razors0.87/razorTriple Blade, womens
Razors, Order HereVitacost5.194 refill cartridges1.30/cartridgeTriple Blade Replacement Cartridges
Shampoo, Order HereePantry8.4916.9 oz0.50/ozYes to Carrots, 9/15
ShampooAzure Standard5.8018 oz0.32/ozNature's Gate
Shampoo, Order HereAmazon17.9433.8 oz (16.9 oz x 2 bottles)0.53/ozYes to Carrots, 9/15
Shampoo, Order HereThrive Market$4.6518 oz$0.26/ozNature's Gate brand, EWG Score 4
Shampoo, Order HereThrive Market$7.9532 oz$0.25/ozFair Trade
Shampoo, Order HereVitacost$8.0032 oz$0.25/ozNature's Gate, Sulfate Free
Soap, bar, Order HereePantry4.695 oz0.94/ozDr. Bronner's, 9/15
Soap, barCostco COMING SOON!
Soap, barAzure Standard9.605 oz x 30.64/ozDr. Bronner's
Soap, bar, Order HereAmazon4.8012 oz (4 oz x 3 bars)0.40/ozKiss My Face, EWG Score 0, 9/15
Soap, bar, Order HereVitacost$4.5912 oz (4oz x 3 bars)$0.38/ozKirks
Soap, bar, Order HereThrive Market$2.358 oz$0.29/ozKiss My Face brand, EWG Score 0
SunscreenCostco COMING SOON!
Sunscreen, Order HereePantry9.994 oz2.50/ozAlba Botanica Sport Spray, Water Resistant, SPF 40, 9/15
SunscreenAzure Standard8.704.5 oz1.93/ozJason, 45 SPF
Sunscreen, Order HereAmazon9.504 oz2.38/ozAlba Botanica Sport Spray, Water Resistant, SPF 40, 9/15
Sunscreen, Order HereThrive Market$12.9514 oz$0.93/ozKiss My Face, SPF 30, EWG Score 4
Sunscreen, Order HereVitacost$6.494 fl oz.$1.62/ozGlo Natural Essentials, Broad-Spectrum, 30 SPF
Sunscreen, kidsAmazon7.694 oz1.92/ozAlba Botanica, SPF 45
Sunscreen, kidsVitacost7.294 oz1.82/ozAlba Botanica, SPF 45
Sunscreen, kidsAzure Standard8.304 oz2.08/ozJason, SPF 45
Sunscreen, kids, Order HereePantry9.994 oz$2.50/ozSPF 45, Alba Botanica brand, EWG Score 5
Sunscreen, kids, Order HereThrive Market$6.954 oz$1.74/ozSPF 45, Alba Botanica brand, EWG Score 5
Surface ScrubAmazon9.6011 oz0.87/ozMrs. Meyers
Surface ScrubVitacost4.4911 oz0.41/ozMrs. Meyers
Surface ScrubThrive MarketMrs. Meyers
Surface Scrub Cleaner, Order HereePantry5.1911 oz0.47/ozMrs. Meyers, 8/15
TamponsAzure Standard63.2016 count x 120.33/tamponNatra Care, Organic
Tampons, Order HereePantry5.9920 count0.30/tamponNatra Care, Organic, 9/15
Tampons, Order HereAmazon56.97240 count (20 count x 12 packs)0.24/tamponNatra Care, Organic, 9/15
Tampons, Order HereVitacost$3.9920 count$0.20/eachNatra Care, Organic, chlorine and perfume free
Tampons, organic, Order HereThrive Market$3.9520 count$0.20/tamponNatra Care, Organic, 9/15
TissueAzure Standard92.0036 Boxes2.56/boxSeventh Generation
TissueAmazon2.151 box2.15/boxSeventh Generation
Tissue, Order HereePantry2.79175 count0.02/sheetSeventh Generation, 9/15
TissueCostco COMING SOON!
Tissue, Order HereThrive Market$2.25175 count$0.01/tissueSeventh Generation brand
Tissue, Order HereVitacost$2.39175 sheets$0.01/eachSeventh Generation Brand
Toilet CleanerAzure Standard29.3032 oz x 8 bottles0.11/ozSeventh Generation
Toilet CleanerThrive MarketMethod
Toilet CleanerVitacost4.1024 oz0.17/ozMethod
Toilet Cleaner, Order HereePantry4.9924 oz0.21/ozMethod, 8/15
Toilet Cleaner, Order HereAmazon10.2724 oz0.43/ozMethod, 9/15
Toilet PaperAzure Standard38.8548 rolls0.81/rollSeventh Generation
Toilet PaperCostco15.9930 Rolls0.33/rollKirkland Brand, 11/16
Toilet Paper, Order HereePantry9.9912 rolls0.83/rollSeventh Generation, 8/15
Toilet PaperVitacost9.9912 rolls0.83/rollSeventh Generation
Toilet PaperAmazon30.3648 rolls (12 rolls x 4 packs)0.63/rollSeventh Generation, 9/15
Toilet Paper, Order HereAzure Standard38.8512 rolls x 40.81/rollSeventh Generation
Toilet Paper, Order HereThrive Market$8.4512 rolls (400 sf)$0.70/rollSeventh Generation, 9/15
Toilet Paper, Order HereVitacost$4.954 rolls$1.24/rollNatural Value, 400 sheets/roll
ToothpasteAmazon31.396 oz tubes x 60.87/ozNature's Gate
Toothpaste, Order HereePantry4.795.5 oz0.87/ozTom's, 9/15
ToothpasteVitacost5.495.5 oz1.00/ozTom's
ToothpasteAzure Standard3.705 oz0.74/ozNature's Gate
ToothpasteThrive MarketTom's
ToothpasteAzure Standard 5.156.25 oz0.82/ozDesert Essence
Toothpaste, Order HereAmazon5.975.5 oz1.09/ozTom's, 9/15
Toothpaste, Order HereThrive Market$3.456 oz$0.58/ozNature's Gate, 9/15
Toothpaste, Order HereVitacost$3.676 oz$0.61/ozNatures Gate, Sulfate and Fluoride Free
Toothpaste, kidsAzure Standard5.556 oz0.93/ozCoral Kids
Toothpaste, kidsVitacost3.304.2 oz0.79/ozTom's
Toothpaste, kidsThrive Market COMING SOON!Tom's
Toothpaste, kids, Order HereePantry3.794.2 oz0.88/ozTom's, 9/15
Toothpaste, kids, Order HereAmazon8.2212.6 (4.2 oz x 3 tubes)0.65/ozTom's, 9/15
WipesVitacost11.17256 count0.04/wipeSeventh Generation, refill
WipesThrive MarketSeventh Generation
WipesAzure Standard42.85128 count x 60.06/wipeSeventh Generation
WipesAmazon12.34350 count0.04/wipeSeventh Generation
Wipes, Order HereePantry13.98256 count0.05/wipeSeventh Generation

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