12 Best Kitchen Gift Ideas starting at $10

Stumped at what to gift your favorite foodie? Check out 12 these must-have kitchen gift ideas, including gifts from stocking-stuffers under $10 right on up!

Stumped at what to gift your favorite foodie? Check out 12 these must-have kitchen gift ideas, including gifts from stocking-stuffers under $10 right on up!

Do you have a real food lover in your life?

You know the ones. They are always talking about where to find the best raw milk. They are positively evangelical about pastured butter and Real Salt.

They have backyard chickens and a serious aversion to McDonald’s. Most terrifying of all, they are on your holiday shopping list!

12 Best Kitchen Gift Ideas Starting at $10

Never fear, here are 12 gift ideas for even the most picky real food cook starting at under $10 and right on up. Any real foodie will be thrilled to find one of these gifts under the tree.

This post contains affiliate links to some of my very favorite kitchen gadgets.

Kitchen Stocking Stuffers Under $10

#1 Cookie Dough Scooper

I love: OXO Good Grips Medium Cookie Scoop
Real Food Use: I was gifted a cookie dough scooper, and at first I have to say I was skeptical. How often do I really make cookies? However, I soon found many more uses for this kitchen gadget than just cookie dough! I also use it to scoop batter into muffin tins and to form meatballs from scratch.

#2 Meat Thermometer

I love: Look for a dishwasher safe meat thermometer for easy care.
Update: We recently upgraded to this digital thermometer. It measures a wide range of temperatures so you can use it for cooking meats or making yogurt. It can also stay in the oven while you cook, and you can set an alarm so you know exactly when your food is at the right temperature. It’s only $12 on Amazon as of this writing.
Real Food Use: A meat thermometer is a must have for cooking whole free range chickens and grass fed beef to perfection. It’s also a must-have for making your own yogurt. That practice alone saves me $220 a year on groceries!

#3 Strainer

I love: OXO Good Grips 8-Inch Double Rod Strainer
Real Food Use: Use the strainer while making homemade chicken or beef stock.

Kitchen Gift Ideas Under $30

#4 Real Food Cook Books

I love: Nourishing Traditions and The Grand Central Baking Book
Real Food Use: The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle includes 86 healthy living books with hundreds of recipes and information on real food cooking. It also comes with 9 free bonuses for growing in your real food journey ($150+ value). Nourishing Traditions is the standard for all things real food. This cookbook is complete with recipes for every meal, snacks, and dessert along with information on nutrition, kitchen tools, cookware, and cooking instruction. The Grand Central Baking Book shares over 100 of the mouthwatering recipes of this famous Pacific Northwest bakery. You can now replicate these Breakfast pastries cookies, pies, & savories at home.

Kitchen Gift Ideas Under $50

#5 Slow Cooker

I love: I have an older version of this Rival 5QT Slow Cooker Crock Pot. Update: After 10 years, my Rival finally gave out. I now have a Hamilton Beach 7 Quart Stay or Go Slow Cooker.
Real Food Use: It can take a lot of time when you’re trying to make as much as possible from scratch. It’s great to be able to throw everything in a crock pot in the morning and come home to dinner already made at night. It’s also a great time saver for busy moms.

#6 Stoneware Baking Dishes

I love: There will definitely be some Le Creuset Stoneware on my Christmas list this year.
Real Food Use: Nourishing Traditions recommends the use of stoneware baking dishes where possible for optimum health.

Stumped at what to gift your favorite foodie? Check out 12 these must-have kitchen gift ideas, including gifts from stocking-stuffers under $10 right on up!

#7 Immersion Blender

I love: Cuisinart SmartStick Immersion Hand Blender
Real Food Use: Make delicious smoothies and smooth soups at home without the mess of a conventional blender. This only has two pieces and can be thrown right in the dish washer when you’re done.


#8 Juicer

I love: Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor. You can throw in a whole fruit or vegetable into this affordable juicer, and you will end up with fresh nutritious juice in seconds. All but one of the pieces are dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

Real Food Use: Juicing is a delicious way to add nutrients to your diet without having to crunch through so many fruits and veggies.

#9 Stainless Steel or Cast Iron Cookware

I love: Calphalon Tri-Ply with glass lids
Real Food Use: If you’re holiday shopping for the health nut in your life, check if they’re looking to upgrade to stainless steel or cast iron pots & pans. Real foodies know Teflon is a thing of the dark chemical laden past and stainless steel and cast iron are where it’s at now.

Kitchen Gift Ideas Under $100

#10 Food Processor

I love: KitchenAid 7-Cup Food Processor
Real Food Use: You can use a food processor to make fresh homemade pesto, hummus, or even butter. You can quickly slice or grate veggies or cheese. It can also be used to make homemade peanut butter or almond milk.

Kitchen Gift Ideas Over $100

#11 Stand Mixer

I love: KitchenAid 5-Quart Mixer. I have the Green Apple color.
Real Food Use: You can use a stand mixer for hands free mixing in any of your from scratch recipes, but it really becomes a must have for kneading homemade bread dough.

#12 Chest Freezer

I love: Haier Chest Freezer
Real Food Use: Not many of us can afford to use the best pastured and organic real food ingredients all the time. Buying in bulk when these foods are in season can really save the real food cook money. A chest freezer makes it possible store your affordable real foods all year long. For reference a side of beef requires about 7.5 cubic feet to store a side of beef.

What’s your favorite kitchen gadget to put under the tree?

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