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Thousands of families have gained confidence in money management through financial coaching with Shannon Clark. Here are a few of their inspirational personal finance success stories…

Money Coaching Can Help You Pay Off Debt

“First, I thought that I would be wasting money because I’ve tried other things, so why would this be any different?

However, with your budgeting help, we are set to be completely debt free within a year. When we started we were close to $65,000 in debt. We have paid off roughly $30,000 so far and plan to have the rest paid off by the beginning of the summer!!”

Jerica G.

Paid Off $30,000 in 5 Months

“Before, there was no roadmap or goals associated with tracking expenses, so I wasn’t motivated to stick to the amounts we had set for each category. Now with a specific plan, we have been able to pay off over $5,000 in debt! 

I can’t say enough how motivating Shannon’s support and encouragement of me as an individual was, and how her tools and guidance have made this process manageable.”

Becca K.

Paid Off $5,000 in 3 Months

“I was concerned about the cost and the likelihood that it wouldn’t change anything. However, after 12 weeks I do have some successes.

I’ve created my emergency fund, paid off my first credit card, am one more month away from paying off the 2nd debt item, and have not incurred any new debt!”

Stephanie D.

I remember when I signed up, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to commit, that I would start strong but burn out within a few weeks. However, in 3 months, we have paid off $10,000 in credit card debt.

We now sit down together as a couple and plan where our money is going to go. Not only does Shannon have the wisdom to get you out of the hole, but she also has the compassion to express, ‘I’m right there with you.’ I felt like she was there cheering me on.”

Skyar A.

Paid off $10,000 in Credit Card Debt in 3 Months

Money Coaching Can Help You Achieve Financial Freedom

“Before, it was so tiring to try and figure out ways to cut back. We felt like we could never do anything or buy anything.

Now, it’s amazing to be able to spend money confidently because there’s a plan in place. Working with Shannon truly took me from feeling hopeless, guilty, and unable to stick to my budget to loving a budget!! I feel set free.”

Sandy R.

“Before, I would bounce from telling my husband ‘we can’t spend any money’ to wildly overspending. It felt out of control.

Since working with Shannon, I have a handle on our budget, our expenses, and how to plan for them. My husband is on board and sees this isn’t even that hard or about making giant sacrifices. I can’t even tell you what a relief it is.”

Abby T.

“I’m a single mom with two teens and was cringing about college on the horizon. I finished paying off debt, but then I totally lost motivation and accountability and felt like it was time to party, party, party.

Since working with Shannon, I’ve gained a connection back to my finances. I especially love my videos from Shannon that answer any questions, and it’s really making a positive impact on my finances! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Shannon, for your wisdom, expertise, and support!”

Rose V.

Money Coaching Can Help You Save for the Future

“I was concerned about signing up because of the cost. But I realized that I sometimes need to invest in things to see progress. I was ready to not feel like we are barely getting ahead when I knew that we should be able to do better. In 3 months since we started, we have increased our net worth by $13,000 and we put $6,000 in savings.

We put over $1,000 in our savings account in the month of March alone. This is so huge because even 6 months ago, I would have said that we barely had $100 to put into savings in a month. Definitely worth the money spent, even if I was hesitant to put the money into it at the beginning!”

Jackie M.

Saved $6,000 in 3 Months

“I’ve always had the desire to be a good steward of what we have been given, but it wasn’t until I got the tools from Shannon’s group coaching program that I really started to be successful.

I had a unique circumstance, and Shannon went above and beyond to help me make it work! It felt SO good to fund our Emergency Fund. Now it’s time to get going on our debt snowball!”

Holly K.

“Our biggest challenge was trying to get away from living paycheck to paycheck. We were living frugally, making decent money, but not getting any traction. I was hesitant to work with Shannon because of the cost. I was afraid to spend money and not have anything be different.

However, after 3 months, we are truly caught up with our bills — it kinda seems like a miracle. We now have an emergency fund with one month of living expenses — that seemed impossible a couple of months ago. When we started, we didn’t even have $500, and now we have over $5,000! Now, we feel more at peace because we have a plan.”

Holly S.

Saved $5,000 in 3 Months

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