Kids are expensive.

So is healthy food

And doctor visits.

And school supplies.

As a mom, you have the most important job in the world. You want to be home taking care of your kids instead of away at work.

Here’s the thing…

It is TOUGH to afford to be a stay at home mom!

Maybe you’ve made a budget or tried to pay off debt, but somehow you’ve never been able to follow through and you’re at a loss as to what to try next.

Then there’s that dream of working from home doing what you love, while still spending time with your family. But it’s scary to invest your time and money in something new – and you’re not even sure how to start.

I’ve been there, friend. Oh boy have I been there!

The good news is, there is a better way.

I believe you can thrive financially, even if you’re a stay at home mom.

Here’s what Affording Motherhood moms are saying:

“Hi my name is Krystle and I stay at home mom of 5 little ones. I found you on Pinterest, and it was about paying off debt on low income. And I just want to tell you how refreshing it was to read that. But this is just what I needed to read to get back on the horse, if you would like to say. So thank you, it is nice to find certain things that you can truly connect with to give you inspiration to keeping going.”

– Krystle

There’s a Better Way

Imagine breathing a peaceful sigh of relief knowing you have a successful budget and that you’re steadily moving toward your financial goals.

What if you could provide your family with healthy food, fun activities, and all the necessities – without worrying about the cost.

What would it feel like to sit down to work from home doing what you love and still have time to spend with your family?

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From Surviving to Thriving

After my first baby was born, it became clear we couldn’t afford for me to stay home, but I dreaded the thought of having to leave him. Soon after, we lost our home, owed thousands in debt, and every attempt to budget was a failure. Still, I was desperate to find a way.

After months of bare-bones grocery budgets, small-house living, and giving up sleep and free time to earn extra cash, I finally learned the right way to manage our finances. It turned out, it was a few small changes that made a big difference.

It was through following those simple strategies that the seemingly impossible happened: we were debt free! Along the way, I grew a successful home business I love.

Now, instead of failure and fear, each day is full of homeschooling at the kitchen table, watching my kids play in the backyard – and confidence that we can afford for me to be a stay at home mom as our kids grow up.

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