Go Screen Free to Save Money

This is Screen Free Week! Join others around the world in going TV free for one week

Does screen free include your computer or smart phone?  You’ll have to make your own rules, but whatever you decide, I’m confident the benefits will be great. Here are just a few.

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4 Ways Going Screen Free will Save you Money

1  There are about 18 minutes of commercials during every hour of television viewed. For the average American that adds up to over 9 hours of commercials every week!  We, and more importantly our children, will avoid watching all that advertising by simply turning off the television. While we may imagine that we are immune to spending money just because an advertisement tells us to, consider the billions of dollars spent on commercials every year. Companies wouldn’t continue spending unless it was making them a profit. Think of all that money you will save on toys, prescription drugs, and personal care products you won’t even know you’re missing.

2  Save over $1000 per year and cancel cable. For bonus points save another $1000 and don’t buy a TV to begin with.  That’s a serious step toward saving for a family vacation. I don’t know about you, but I can rarely remember what I’ve watched on TV the next morning let alone in years to come. However, some of my most precious memories are of my travels with friends and family.

3  Turning off your TV and the attached electronic devices can save around $100 per year in energy. It’s not much, but it will reduce your carbon foot print. You’ll save additional money in summer by reducing the amount of cooling needed to offset the heat put off by the television.

4  Perhaps the biggest cost of television is the opportunity loss.  Wouldn’t we all love to see a change in our circumstances? Whether it be with earning more income or more free time with our families, I think it’s safe to say we all  desire to improve our lives. While we are watching television, the time we could be starting a business or dreaming up the next Apple/Google/Facebook is slipping away. 

Have you tried doing a screen free week? How did it go?



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