Natural Gift Ideas for Babies

BabyE received so many wonderful eco-friendly toys as baby gifts. Even though we didn’t include any kids toys in our baby registry list, many of our friends and family share our value for green consumerism. Since the holidays are already sneaking up on us, I thought I’d share some gift ideas.  Yes, there are alternatives to all those brightly colored plastic toys in every conceivable shape!  Organic fabrics, wood, metal, paper, and cardboard can make great alternative toys.
This post contains affiliate links to some of my favorite natural baby toys.
This elephant rattle by MiYim is made from organic cotton.  Babies love teething on the soft knitted texture, and moms can feel good about the natural fabric going in baby’s mouth.
This Natural Skwish by Manhattan Toy is natural wood with non-toxic finish. Baby doesn’t have it figured out quite yet, but DH and I think it’s so much fun. The bungee cords allow it to squish down and then spring back into shape, and the wooden beads make a pleasant sound as it moves. 
I am so in love with this gorgeous handmade rattle from Don Warner Design at the Northwest Fine Woodworking Gallery. I can really see this becoming a family keepsake that BabyE’s kids will play with someday.  I love how it fits perfectly in his pudgy little hand!

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