Saving with a Purpose

It’s easy to get caught up in tips on the all the money saving tips and trying to DIY absolutely everything, but I never want this mission for a frugal life to turn into misled miserliness. Quite the opposite.

Living frugally, like many other aspects of simple living, is all about creating margin in our lives. It can reduce financial stress and help us be content with what we have. It can allow you to work less and spend more time with family, afford to be a stay at home mom, or travel.

Saving money also has the wonderful effect of leaving you with a little extra to give. And then to grow wealth and someday give big.

Like most of you probably do, we already live on a pretty tight budget to begin with. Yet, as No Spend Month comes to an end, our family recognizes that we are blessed to live in extreme abundance compared to most other residents of this big world.

As a mother, the thought of not being able to give my children something as basic as clean water brings me to tears. Yet this is the tragedy that millions of mothers face everyday.
The daily struggles of a stay at home mom in America sometimes feel overwhelming: the endless dishes and laundry and cooking and cleaning. That is until I learned that some women in Africa spend 20 hours a week walking to get water, (Remember back to school? Water weighs 8 pounds per gallon!) and even after all that it often is not not from a clean source.


I’ve been debating whether to share wirh you the full story of why I’m so passionate about this need because I’m pretty sure after you read the next paragraph you’ll think I’m off my rocker. But here goes…

A couple years ago I had a dream. It was one of those crystal clear dreams the likes of which I’ve only had three or four other times in my life. Jesus  was walking down a sandy dessert path towards me and he looked at me and said,“If they don’t have water, how will they be baptized?” (ya, I told ya. Now you’ll forever think of me as the kooky lady who thinks Jesus talks to her in her dreams.)


Was it some twist of my subconsciousness or a true calling from above? I’ll probably never know earth side. But either way it’s true. How could anyone be mentally and emotionally open to hearing the good news of living water if they’re just struggling to survive without a clean source of actual water?

Shortly after I started researching organizations that help bring clean water to those in need and found Living Water International. They bring sanitation infrastructure, hygiene education, and wells to communities in need in partnership with local churches.

I don’t know if my family will ever be one of those traveling to help others far away lands. But I do hope we will always be a family who supports the work of nonprofits and missionaries around the world.

The reality is that our ability to give is limited, and I’m sure yours is too. It’s such a small drop in the bucket compared to the huge need, but if we all give a little bit, I know it will make a difference!

How does frugal living help your family live more simply?

Images used with permission from Living Water International 

shannon Clark, LIFE & FINANCIAL Coach

As a mom, I know what it's like to feel exhausted, overwhelmed by life, and inadequate to meet my children's needs. But I also know you don't have to stay there.

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