A little while back I had a big moment as a frugal living blogger. I was contacted by Mint.com for an interview. There are few sites that I would be quite that excited about talking with, as Mint’s budgeting software played such a big role in helping my family manage our budget as we worked to get out of debt.

If you’d like to know my thoughts on:

  • How to save money but still enjoy your life
  • How moms can find dependable (non-scammy) work at home jobs
  • My top tips for grocery savings
  • and more

Check out the interview over on Mint!

I also recently had the chance to chat with Lindsey Carlton, the editor of Coupons Daily blog.

She quizzed me on all things budgeting including:

  • What inspired me to start the blog
  • What motivates me to keep going everyday
  • And what’s up next for the future of the blog!

Read the whole article over at Coupons Daily.


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