How to Deal with Potty Training Regressions and Bed Wetting

Potty training regressions, yes I said it. Ok you guys, this is going to be the kind of post my kids are just going to hate me for writing in about 12 years. I’m sorry my children. I had to do it. Maybe you’ll understand when you have babies of your own someday! 

Anyway, way, way back in the great history of my motherhood, I read this book,. It was recommended to me by a friend as the BEST book, funny, and interesting. I couldn’t wait to pick it up until I realized she was talking about a book on potty training. (This post contains affiliate links.)

The best way to deal with potty training regressions and get your happy,confident, potty trained child back fast.
Well, I did read it, at least the most crucial chapters. And then I proceeded to potty train my 20 month old boy in a matter of days. Even at naps, even at bedtime.

It didn’t require me to make him drink loads of Gatorade, or wait until he was “ready”, I didn’t have to bribe him with candy, or create any sticker charts.

It was easy. Almost too easy.

And then I did the thing that I knew was a big risk: I blogged about it.

Potty Training Regressions and Bedwetting

Well, everything went along nicely for 8 whole months. I shared my best potty training tips with everyone, because I saw what a struggle this transition was for many parents. E’s baby sister was born. Still, everything was great on the potty front.

Several months later we experienced our first potty regression. Accidents during the day, accidents at nap, at night, and not-so-much accidents on the couch.

I sent my mommy friends this picture with the caption “this is what I woke up to on the 23rd. Pretty sure every sheet in the house is dirty”. Yes, this was from just one night!
The best way to deal with potty training regressions and get your happy,confident, potty trained child back fast.
Everyone assured me it was ok to go back to diapers or at least pull ups at night, but I stubbornly persisted. I knew that he could do it. He was successfully potty trained for 8 months, I wasn’t going back now! At the same time, I was at my wits’ end with the constant messes and piles of laundry.

During the last Ultimate Bundle, I got a free bonus product from Trilight Health. As I was perusing their offerings, I hit upon a kid-safe herbal remedy called B-Dry for bed wetting. It was free after all, so I went ahead and ordered it.

And then a Mother’s Day miracle! The B-Dry bed wetting remedy worked literally over night.

Finally we got back into the grove and had a happy, confident, potty trained little boy! We have had a couple other hiccups along the way, but each time B-Dry has almost immediately solved the problem. Praise the Lord!

4 Tips for Dealing with Potty Regressions and Bed Wetting

(aka What I Wish I Knew Then…)

1. Get a couple of these washable sheet protectors. Lay them right over the normal sheets, and then pull them off when the inevitable night time accident happens instead of changing the whole bed.
2. Put one of these water proof covers on the mattress. It zips all the way over the entire mattress to help deal with any drips and leaks. It’s much cheaper than having to replace a stinky mattress. (Yes, I know vinyl isn’t ideal, but sometimes it’s a matter of survival.) We tried a regular slip-on fitted sheet type, and it always seemed to slip off right where the accident had occurred. This proved a much better alternative.
3. Try Trilight Health B-Dry herbal formula. (That’s not an affiliate link by the way and this is not a sponsored post, in case you were wondering.) I’m sure my poor mother wished she had this when I was a child!
4. Most of all, remember that you know your child and their needs and capabilities best of all. Don’t give up on them if you know they can do it. (One friend even found success with a bed wetting alarm.) And of course, don’t push them beyond what they’re able.
Mama, be kind to yourself. Potty training regressions will happen. You are doing a great job! Just love your babies, and do the best you can. I know that won’t make the laundry go away, but I can tell you for sure: This too shall pass.

What tricks did you use to overcome potty training regressions and bed wetting? Share your tips in the comments.

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