Rethinking No Spend Month {Week #2 Update}

No Spend Month Week #2 Update

This week we spent $11.27 groceries and $33.20 for our CSA share for a total of $44.47.  Combined with last week’s spending, we’ve used just 28 percent of our budget.

What We Learned

It was my DH who brought up the need to rethink what we’re doing for our No Spend Month Challenge. It doesn’t seem like we’re really doing anything different or have made any sacrifices. Yes he was the one who was maybe just a little bit cranky about the prospect of No Spent Month last year. He had a point then. It was tough to give up fun outings with friends and say no to going out to lunch, but it did force us to think of alternative ways to socialize. The challenge succeeded in making us more mindful of how we could accomplish our goals while spending less.

He has a point this year too. We haven’t changed anything about the way we spend. It isn’t about sacrifice just for the sake of self denial. We really do want to become more intentional through doing the No Spend Month Challenge.

I would like to think that we are different people this year, that we’ve grown so frugal as to be above the need for frivolous spending. Maybe we’ve just gotten really good at saving money. I’m guessing that’s not it though. Maybe it is just that we haven’t come up against the same social dilemmas this time. It is probably that we’re just sated by the holidays, having given and received so much.

Rethinking the No Spend Month Challenge

All this has us rethinking No Spend Month and just what the challenge should be. My first inclination would be to drastically reduce our budget for the month. Then I thought we spend nothing more this month. Though we still do need gas for DH to get to work at least. Maybe there’s some other answer.

How do you think we should change our No Spend Month Challenge? 

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