When a Good Deal Really Isn’t

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? However, sometimes what seems like a good deal really isn’t.

As you take some time off from shopping for the No Spend Month Challenge, consider this. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping at Bloomingdales or Goodwill, whether it’s 20 or 50 or 75 percent off. If you’re buying something that you won’t use, don’t need, or simply isn’t in your budget, then it is ultimately a waste of money. Taking advantage of that amazing bargain is ultimately costing you something much more than you’re you’re saving. In fact, you’re not saving any money at all.
What could be so costly about saving a little money?
No matter what your intentions or ideals, each purchase you make says something about your true values.When you go back to spending next month, try to hold onto your mindfulness of each purchase. Don’t only ask, Does this fit within my budget? Also ask, Does this fit within my values? Does that purchase move you toward the goals you have for your family?
If you want to go green, is this item environmentally friendly? If you’re saving up for the family trip of a lifetime, is that item really necessary? If you want to support American jobs, is this item made in the USA? If you want to live free from debt, is this purchase preventing you from making extra payments? If you want to work less and spend more time with family, how long will it take you to earn back the money spent on this item?
Every one’s values will be different, but if a particular item does not fit within those values, then the answer is simple: Don’t buy it.

How do you evaluate which purchases to make for your family? 

shannon Clark, LIFE & FINANCIAL Coach

As a mom, I know what it's like to feel exhausted, overwhelmed by life, and inadequate to meet my children's needs. But I also know you don't have to stay there.

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