The 6 Most Important People You Should Talk About Money With

The willingness to talk about money is one of the biggest predictors of whether you will achieve your budget goals. Here are 6 money conversations you need to have.

Every Monday I go to this weight-lifting class at the gym.

The first week of January, it was packed. I took the last half spot in the parking lot and had to climb over a snow berm in my tennis shoes to get out of my car.

The exercise room was so crowded, grown women were arguing over the location of each other’s weight benches. I actually thought I might see some hair pulling if this kept up.

But by the end of that class, many of the ladies had packed up and quit early. It is a tough class which usually has me hobbling around on sore legs throughout the rest of the week.

By the middle of January, a third of the room was empty.

The first week of February – it was only about half full. And there were plenty of parking spots right by the door (which I’m thankful for since it was only 11 degrees!)

Why Do Some Moms Stick to Their Budgets And Others Fail?

You start out with these big goals, especially at the beginning of the year, but then real life gets in the way, and within a month or two they fade into a nagging sense of regret and failure.

All those women at the gym started out with good intentions to change their lives. Maybe they wanted to get healthier, have more energy, or sculpt their bodies.

But less than one month later, those resolutions were but a distant regret they’re still trying to push to the back of their minds.

Maybe it’s just you, you start to wonder?.

You are sincerely determined to stick to a budget and pay off debt, but something always happens.

Every year is the same.

And then you end up feeling ashamed. Like a total failure, yet again.

So what makes the difference?

Why do some ladies show up to the gym month after month whether it’s January or July, while others only stick to their goals for a few weeks?

They’re both equally motivated and enthusiastic about changing their lives.

So why do some struggle to make it happen?

I’ve noticed that in most cases, whether in fitness or in budgeting, the difference is support and accountability.

To put it plainly, you need to talk about money.

Friends connecting as they talk about money. It's tough to have these conversations about finances, but crucial if you want to reach your budget goals.
If you want to stick to your budget goals, to put it plainly, you need to talk about money.

What You Really Need to Know About Sticking to Your Budget Goals

We live in a culture where authentic discussions about money are taboo. In fact, if you really think about it, you probably grew up thinking that talking about money is vulgar.

But, if you want to make a lasting transformation in your finances, it’s critical to discuss your goals – and yes even your money struggles and short-comings with a few important people in your life.

In fact, I can predict pretty accurately which of the moms in my Budget Breakthrough program will be the most successful at realizing their financial goals quickly.

Hint: It’s the ones who post at least weekly in the community forum and who show up to their monthly coaching calls with me.

They take advantage of the support and accountability available to them, and they thrive!

Do you want to thrive with your financial goals, too?

Here’s how to get started putting a support network into place in your financial life.

The 6 People You Need to Talk About Money With:

  1. Your Husband
  2. Your Kids
  3. Your Extended Family
  4. Your Friends
  5. A Like-Minded Community
  6. Your Coach or Mentor

When you choose to push past the shame and talk openly about these tough topics, something magical happens.

You realize that you are not alone. In fact, most people are struggling with the exact same issues.

Two are better than one. When you respectfully talk with your husband about the reality of your financial situation, you double your ability to move toward your goals at lightning speed together.

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I was working with one mom in Budget Breakthrough recently, and she was dreading having this conversation with her husband.

She was sure he wouldn’t get on board with where she thought they should go with their finances.

The next week, she wrote to me to let me know that their discussion ended up going wonderfully and that it was something they had deeply needed to do for the last 20 years.

Yes, these simple, honest discussions can break down walls that have been holding you back from success for years – even decades.

They give you an extensive support network of friends and family to keep you going.

Find those like-minded people in your life or online that have accomplished what you want to do or are working toward similar goals, and they can help keep you on track, especially on the tough days.

Mom playing with her kids at the water park. When you push past the taboo and talk about money, you don't have to do it alone anymore. And your financial dreams become a reality.
When you start to talk about money, you don’t have to go it alone anymore, and the life you dreamed of becomes reality.

How to Reach Your Financial Goals Faster (and Why You Can’t Do It Alone)

Suddenly, that life you dreamed of, the one where the weight of financial stress stops weighing you down

The one where you don’t worry about taking your kids to the water park, where you pay cash for that trip to Disney, and finally get on the same page with your husband – well, it starts to become a reality.

Yep, sometimes this journey is going to be tough, and you might want to pack up and go home early, but you keep on going.

Because now you have someone to ask for help when you get stuck.

See, the gym doesn’t care if their members poop out on their resolutions after a month. They’re locked into a one year contract, and the gym gets their money whether or not they show up.

But once you open up to the people in your life, you are no longer alone as you work toward your goals.

And you don’t quit.

You keep pushing right on through until you’re living the life you dreamed of for your family.

You’re already doing great, Mama.

You’re a part of the Affording Motherhood community, and you have me here cheering you on in your inbox.

Plus, you never have to worry about finding a parking spot. ;)

In fact, why don’t you get started now?

Leave a comment and let me know what financial goal you’re working toward right now. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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